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Following the launch of the ATI, the President issued a letter to the campus community appointed the following individuals to lead the ATI implementation efforts on our campus:

  • Ronald F Bergmann- campus executive sponsor of the ATI project
  • Shon Lee - lead web accessibility manager

The President authorized the above people to take appropriate action for implementing the three ATI priorities.

How is our campus progessing with the Accessible Technology Iniative?

The WAM Tech group is tasked with spearheading the ATI's web accessibility component for the CSUDH campus and is working to ensure every measure is taken to meet the specified objectives.

In accordance with the CSU ATI, CSUDH has published the following:

Our ATI goals at CSUDH include:

  • Policy Development
  • Identification of person(s) responsible for web accessibility compliance and training
  • Milestones and timelines that conform to the dates specified in the ATI
  • A monitoring, remediation, and accountability process
  • A process to provide for alternative ways for obtaining information during any period in which websites are undergoing retrofit
  • A process or system to document accessibility of audited applications and fixes
  • A communication plan to educate the campus about the policy
  • A web accessibility training plan for those who develop and maintain websites