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CSUDH Web Policy

II. Scope

California State University, Dominguez Hills' ("Cal State Dominguez Hills," "University" or "CSUDH") World Wide Web pages are considered university publications, subject to the guidelines set forth by the office of University Communications and Public Affairs.

The Web Access Management Committee (WAM) and its subcommittee(s) oversee the structure and development of the California State University, Dominguez Hills website (www.csudh.edu).

The WAM Committee and subcommittee(s) are appointed by and report to the President. The Office of Administrative Information Systems (AIS) within Information Technology provides the computer hardware and access to the CSUDH main web server, in addition to providing various web-based services.

This policy governs any electronic documents made available via standard web protocols which represent an official unit or activity of the university, are hosted on university resources, or bear marks, logos, or symbols that might imply endorsement by the university regardless of where they are hosted.

This policy applies to all members of the CSUDH community, and governs all networked World Wide Web storage and communications systems utilizing university networks or name space, regardless of ownership, whether individually controlled or shared.

Organizational units have broad discretion in establishing additional reasonable and appropriate "conditions of use" for web information resources under their control. Such policies shall be consistent with this policy although they may provide more detail, guidelines, and/or restrictions. Such policies supplement this policy but do not supercede or replace it.


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