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Web Content Update Request

As the campus will soon be engaged in a web update project we are asking that web updates be kept to a minimum for critical and time sensitive information. We look forward to working with your unit soon on redesign.

Submit a request to update your department Web page by email Outlook email icon(for CSUDH staff)

Update requests can be emailed to the Web page's administrator whose information is located in the page footer.

To ensure timely service, please email requests in the described format.

(Instructions are provided for MS Outlook as the standard CSUDH email client. Other clients may vary.)

Request Types:

For Web Page Content Updates - by Email Outlook email icon:

alert Submit a separate email for each page URL (web address).

alert The Email must be set to HTML format [how?].
(This is typically set as default.)

alert Submit a separate email for each Web page (URL).

For Website Navigation (Menu) Updates Include:

  • URL (Web address) for the menu item link
    • EXAMPLE: URL= http://www.csudh.edu/folder/filename.shtml
  • LABEL of menu item (text for the menu item)
    • EXAMPLE: Label= "Contact Us"
  • LOCATION of menu item within the menu list
    • EXAMPLE: Location= after "Home" and before "About Us"
  • STYLE of menu item (either: "Main menu item" -or- "Submenu item"). Submenu items are indented on a lighter background.
    • EXAMPLE: Style= "submenu item"

To Upload Document Files:

  • paper clip iconInclude the document file as an attachment in the email. (PDFs are the preferred file format as some users may be unable to view Microsoft Office files.)
  • Ensure the document file name follows CSUDH Filename Naming Conventions. Requests that do not comply with these naming standards may be returned.
    • CORRECT EXAMPLE: graduate-fee-waiver-2011-fall.pdf
    • AVOID: gradfw_FA_11.pdf
    • AVOID: 2011 Fall Graduate Fee Waiver.pdf
  • Include the hyperlinked text that will point to the document file (see "For Web Page Content Updates" above.) and the document name in brackets.
    • CORRECT EXAMPLE: Download PDF here [name-of-attached-doc.pdf].


[Why submit requests in this format?]