Dr. Ken O'Donnell, Interim Vice Provost, ALO

Mr. Ken O'Donnell

Interim Vice Provost,
Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO)

Academic Affairs
kodonnell5@csudh.edu | Office: WH D-440 | (310) 243-3307
Web: Accreditation, Assessment of Student Learning, Class Schedule

Dr. Jim Hill, Interim Associate VP, Faculty Affairs & Development

Jim Hill

Interim Associate Vice President

Faculty Affairs and Development
Office: WH B-368 | (310) 243-3766
Web: Faculty Affairs and DevelopmentFaculty Development Center, Untenured Faculty Organization (UFO)

Dr Bridget Driscoll, Assoc VP, Uni Academic Advisement and Learning

Dr. Bridget Driscoll

Associate Vice President,
Retention, University Academic Advisement & Learning

Academic Affairs
bdriscoll@csudh.edu | Office: WH 440 | (310) 243-3181
Web: AVP Retention University Academic Advisement & Learning, University Advising (UAC), Toro Learning & Testing Center, Toro Dreamers Success Center, First-Year Programs, College Specialists, Faculty Fellows Program, Advising Summit, Retention

Dr. Hamound Salhi, Interim Dean, Undergraduate Studies

Dr. Hamoud Salhi

Interim Dean

Undergraduate Studies
hsalhi@csudh.edu | Office: WH D-440 | (310) 243-3307
Web: Undergraduate Studies, First-Year Seminar,  First-Year Experience, Office of Academic Programs, California Pre-doctoral Program, Center for Service-Learning, Internships & Civic Engagement (SLICE), University Catalog, University Honors, Writing Across the Curriculum

Dr. Dorota Huizinga, Dean of Graduate Studies and Research

Dr. Mitch Avilla, Dean, College of Arts and Humanities

Dr. Mitch Avila


College of Arts and Humanities
Office: LIB G503 | (310) 243-3389

Dr. Joseph Wen, Dean, College of Business Administration and Public Policy

Dr. Joseph Wen


College of Business Administration and Public Policy
Office: SBS A308 | (310) 243-2638

Dr. John Davis, Dean, College of Education

Dr. John Davis


College of Education
Office: SOE 1490 | (310) 243-3510

J. Kim McNutt, Dean, College of Extended and International Education

Mr. J. Kim McNutt


College of Extended and International Education
Office: EE 1357 | (310) 243-3737

Dr. Gary Sayed, Dean, College of Healh, Human Services, and Nursing

Dr. Gary Sayed


College of Health, Human Services, and Nursing
Office: WH A-310 | (310) 243-2046

Dr. Philip S. LaPolt, Dean, College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences

Dr. Philip S. LaPolt


College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences
Office: LIB C-502 | (310) 243-2547

Ms. Stephanie Brasley, Dean, University Library

Ms. Stephanie Brasley


University Library
Office: LIB 5034 | (310) 243-3700