Faculty Pay Task Force

In Spring 2023 Provost Michael Spagna created this task force to address the problem of late and missing payments to faculty for their additional employment on campus, typically at times when faculty are off contract. The three-part charge of the task force is to:

  1. Identify and clear any outstanding payments due.
  2. Devise better business practices and online tools so that staff and faculty can record payment agreements, process transactions, and see when to expect payment.
  3. Develop guides and routines of professional development to ensure the new processes and tools are put to consistent and equitable use.

Deliverables were due June 30, 2023. See committee's final report

csudh faculty

Committee Roster


Ken O'Donnell 
Monica Ponce 


Lauren AnsorgePaul FornelliKaren Kato Claudia Orozco 
Israel Calderon Staci Freeman Robert Masuda Martha Rafael-Sepulveda
Adria EdwardsDakota HughesCynthia NapolesXun (Peter) Xu