Faculty Pay Task Force

In Spring 2023 Provost Michael Spagna created this task force to address the problem of late and missing payments to faculty for their additional employment on campus, typically at times when faculty are off contract. The three-part charge of the task force is to:

  1. Identify and clear any outstanding payments due.
  2. Devise better business practices and online tools so that staff and faculty can record payment agreements, process transactions, and see when to expect payment.
  3. Develop guides and routines of professional development to ensure the new processes and tools are put to consistent and equitable use.

Deliverables are due June 30, 2023.

csudh faculty

Committee Roster


Ken O'Donnell 
Monica Ponce 


Lauren AnsorgePaul FornelliKaren Kato Martha Rafael-Sepulveda
Israel Calderon Staci Freeman Robert Masuda Xun (Peter) Xu
Adria EdwardsDakota HughesClaudia Orozco 
Spring 2023 Faculty Payment Task Force Bi-Weekly Reports

Inventory of late or missing payments (current and past due)

Proposed changes to workflow processing one-time payments

Online means for faculty to see progress of their payments

Plan for ongoing professional development



This is mostly complete, although some grant-related and other Foundation late payments continue to surface.

We are seeking to combine this part of our charge with the next part, online means for seeing progress. Senate is electing two faculty to join the task force.

On 1/30 an IT group meet with Monica and Ken to review the CSUN model and current DH workflow tools, and agree to a development timeline.

Not yet started.


Late payments have continued to emerge. In some cases the overdue data entry is resulting in a gap in benefits or new employees lacking email access for the first several days of their work here.

Will meet 2/21/2023 with IT to map out the current business process and find steps that can be combined, automated, or eliminated to reduce errors and delays.

This is related to the workflow changes, to the left.

Not yet started.


Academic Affairs and HR have been in intensive working meetings with IT to map current business processes for faculty pay transactions. We’ve surfaced many opportunities for improvement.

IT has identified the point person at CSUN who can help us adapt their PeopleSoft Modification to our context, giving CSUDH a way to track effort reporting and faculty work assignments with more transparency.

Not yet started.


HR has established secure Dropbox folders for the ARMs and FAD.  HR is working with the ARMs/FAD to test the functionality of the folders.  These folders will allow ARMs to see what documents have already been processed by HR, and will send notifications to both parties once a document has been uploaded for processing.  

IT is using the maps of current business processes to identify ways to streamline and simplify them. We are also looking for steps that may be automated.

IT has met with counterparts at CSUN and will report to the group on findings and recommendations for adoption of a similar modification here.

Not yet started.


Late payments have been reduced but not eliminated. We may continue to see a few of these every semester, until we can improve business practices both in HR and in the colleges.

We have completed the analysis of the current state of our business practices, and are now looking for steps to streamline, combine, automate, or eliminate.

DH has met with CSUN colleagues who created the PeopleSoft modification in use at their campus. We should have the modification on our campus soon, but IT members of the faculty pay task force report that full implementation will depend on revision of our business practices. Full deployment by the end of the term is unlikely.

Not yet started.