Reports and Studies

Reports and Studies

Student Success

With student success in mind, President Hagan convened an advising task force in the fall of 2013, and charged them with evaluating current campus strengths and weaknesses in advising, especially for our undergraduates, and making recommendations for improvement. Later in the fall of 2013, President Hagan convened a group of faculty whose job was to read and reach understanding about key elements of the literature on student success, and to write a report focused on the success of our students. The group was chaired by Dr. John Keyantash. Members of our campus community are encouraged to access and read both reports.

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Comprehensive Internationalization

President Hagan convened an internationalization task force in the spring of 2013, and charged them with evaluating current strengths and weaknesses in international learning and teaching, and with recommending a strategic plan for comprehensive internationalization.  The group has worked fruitfully with the American Council on Education (ACE) Internationalization Laboratory. Dr. Hagan has asked the task force to provide appropriate interim reports to the campus community.
The five Preliminary Internationalization Reports posted are the fruit of the task force work in 2013-14, which pursued an ACE-recommended Internationalization Review to build the foundation for a proper plan, using an ACE-supplied tool, Questions to Guide the Internationalization Review.  The campus community is encouraged to read the preliminary reports and to provide feedback. Task Force co-chairs, Dr. Janine Gasco and Dr. Keith Boyum, will welcome any comments.

2015-2020 Strategic Plan for Internationalization, and Partial Implementation Plan for the 2014-2020 University Strategic Plan
April 6, 2015

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