Academic Affairs Strategic Planning

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CSU Dominguez Hills Academic Affairs Division Strategic Plan
Draft - March 2, 2016
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Process for Developing the Academic Plan

Academic Affairs administration initiated early conversations about developing the academic strategic plan at the annual retreat of Academic Affairs on August 6, 2015. Preparation for the retreat involved creating a first draft of key planning elements with input from the Academic Affairs Council. The draft was placed on the retreat agenda for discussion along with a review of progress by AAC members in achieving the university plan’s goals in AY 2014-15. These discussions resulted in refining the draft academic plan prior to circulating it to all units for their comment and feedback.

Dissemination of Draft for Feedback and Comment

The plan for dissemination of the draft academic plan for feedback was finalized at the August 6, 2015 retreat. This included soliciting feedback from colleges, departments, administrative units, student and faculty governance groups, community, etc.

While the specifics for dissemination need to be enhanced at various points in time, it can be assumed that the process will be open, inclusive and completely transparent. Every effort will be made to involve all the groups in the division of Academic Affairs, as well as others whose work intersects with the mission of the division.