Curriculum Review

The Curriculum Review Process is the procedure by which curriculum proposals are reviewed in contexts beyond the individual program.  The process involves the coordination of CSU system-wide goals and the CSUDH Strategic Plan with existing and proposed programs within the university.  The Curriculum Review Process plays a key role in upholding and disseminating the core values fundamental to our success:  accountability, collaboration, continuous learning, rigorous standards, proactive partnerships, respect, and responsiveness.  Through the Curriculum Review Process we build the excellent academic programs that reinforce our position as a comprehensive model urban university and continue to build on our academic excellence by offering programs that respond to the needs and demands of our communities’ employers, that prepare our graduates with skills and knowledge needed to compete in a globalized 21st century, and by innovating our academic offerings and the way we deliver them.  Specifically, we pursue new academic programs and concentrations relevant to student interest reflecting current workforce trends and demands and provide access through diverse instructional modalities (online/hybrid) to increase student access, flexibility and retention.

Curriculum Change Process Flowchart Available

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Curriculum Guide

Curriculum Review Calendar

Curriculum Forms - 2017-18

  1. Request for New Program [DOC]
  2. Request for Program Modification [DOC]
  3. Request for Program Discontinuance/Inactivation [DOC]
  4. Request for New Course [DOC]
  5. Request for Course Modification [DOC]
  6. Request for Course Inactivation [DOC]

  7. Request UDGE Conversion [DOC}