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"Clickers" refer to a student response system that allows instructors to transform their classes into an active learning environment by polling students in real time. CSUDH uses the wireless iClicker response device.

How to Start Using Clickers in Your Classroom

To receive an iClicker Instructor Kit and training, submit an IT Help Desk request by navigating to Faculty Support > Smart Classrooms > Clicker Resources.

The instructor kit includes:
  • iClicker base receiver
  • Base AC power plug
  • USB 2.0 cable
  • Instructor remote (blue)
  • Student remote (white)
iClicker Kit


Download the required software for your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer here:

iClicker Version 7 Folder

iClicker v7.14

Windows Logo Windows | Apple Logo macOS  | Linux Logo Linux

Download Instructor Quick Start Guide


View Tutorials

Setup iClicker Software [PDF]

  • Prepare for first use
  • Add a course
  • Adjust settings for quizzes
  • Set up Blackboard integration

Download Class Roster [PDF]

  • Download and sync roster
  • View registered student devices

View / Edit Polling Sessions [PDF]

  • View polling session results
  • Edit session name
  • Edit session scores
  • Grade / re-grade session

How to Poll Your Students for a Quiz [PDF]

  • Run a polling session in class
  • Create testing material

Sync Grades with Blackboard [PDF]

  • Send scores to Blackboard Grade Center

Self-Paced Polling [PDF | p. 79]

  • Create an answer key
  • Run a self-paced polling session

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  • How do students register their clicker device on Blackboard?
    1. From a course menu in Blackboard, click on Tools > i-clicker Student Registration
    2. Enter the 8-character code found on the back of the remote and click Submit.

iClicker Remote Diagram

  • How do instructors change the frequency on the base receiver?
    1. In the iClicker app, select your course and then click Settings.
    2. Under the General tab, select the Frequency Code (default is AA).
Change Frequency Code

  • How to change the frequency on a student or instructor remote?
    1. Turn on remote.
    2. Press and hold the power button on the remote until the two-letter frequency on the LCD screen flashes.
    3. Enter the new frequency by using the A-E buttons.
    4. Must be near base nation to change.


  • Can students use any iClicker remote?
    • Students are recommended to use an iClicker 2 remote.
    • Older iClicker remotes (no LCD screen) do not work with Self-Paced Polling.

iClicker Remotes

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Error writing to disk when installing iClicker on macOS Sierra and High Sierra.

iClicker Error Writing to Disk Message


Instance message when trying to launch iClicker on macOS.

iClicker Instance Error

Click OK and re-launch iClicker app

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