Reserve for class

Reserving a Lab

Faculty can make ad hoc reservations for class meetings in Information Technology's public computer labs. Send an e-mail to Kami Amir Heshmat or Adelbert Baylis for reservations, questions or scheduling changes.
Pencil and calendar


For the sake of students who refer to the posted lab schedules to plan their visits to the labs, please make your reservation at least a week in advance. And to make the lives of student lab consultants easier, if you have a reservation and you are unavoidably detained, call the students on duty, (310) 243-2500, to let them know what time you will arrive. If you are more than 15 minutes late--without notifying lab consultants--you lose that reservation.

Ad hoc reservations are not accepted for the last four weeks of a semester. A University class is limited to the equivalent of six 1.25-hour meetings in a computer lab per semester. For detailed information on the computer lab scheduling policy, see PM 96-03, Policy for Scheduling of University Computer Labs.

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