Formerly known as Dominguez Online, the TV & Media Production unit is a leading-edge provider of online educational opportunities. TV & Media Production, through its award-winning broadcast television station DHTV, provides more than 20 hours of live, interactive programming each week on cable television throughout Southern California and the internet worldwide.

We offer the following services:


Capture audio, video, courses or presentations

  • Self-Producing
  • Live Capturing
  • TV Studio
  • DHTV classes are broadcast live over cable:
    • Channel 6, South Bay
    • Channel 35, Carson
    • Channel 36, City of Los Angeles
  • Viewers can live chat or send an email to interact with the instructors
  • Archived broadcasts can be accessed at YouTube:


Offering editing, video editing, sound editing, animation and visual effects

  • Editing
  • Incorporating Video & Content 


Working and partnering with University & Community entities  for events and live broadcasts

University Electronic Billboard

To request a billboard post, email


Archived Classes

All of the courses broadcast on DHTV and streamed on YouTube are archived for later viewing over the internet. Students can access archived broadcasts at: