About Accessibility at CSU Dominguez Hills

Access to publications, instructional material, computer software, hardware and electronic information, as well as access to the campus are critical for the educational and career achievement of all persons. CSU Dominguez Hills seeks to enable that access with this directory of information and services.

The policy of the CSU is to make its programs, services, and activities accessible to students, faculty, staff, and the general public who visit or attend a campus-sponsored event, with disabilities. Shaun Milton, Workers’ Compensation and ADA Manager, Human Resources Management, oversees the university's employee ADA compliance.

Students disAbility Resource Center (SdRC) requests students to bring any issues and concerns related to service delivery or access to the University's buildings, programs, and activities to our attention. SdRC will either address the issue and concern itself or forward it to the appropriate University department. Your willingness to make us aware will enable the SdRC program and campus to better meet your needs.

Issues and Concerns

If you require accommodation assistance or have an accommodation complaint, please complete the following form.

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