January 26, 2010

Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) Committee Minutes

January 26, 2010

Members Present: Doug Borcoman, Reza Boroon, Wei Ma, Marion Smith, Jeremiah Woolsey

Minutes of the October 27, 2009, meeting

Minutes of the October 27 meeting were approved (moved by Doug, seconded by Reza) with one addition: "Wei will write a sample announcement about print to audio services on campus and send it to Jeremiah." She did write the announcement and send it to Jeremiah, but there was no follow-up action. She would expect the announcement to be sent to the Faculty and Students lists when approved.

ATI logo contest - Marion Smith

The ATI logo contest for design students came to a happy conclusion on December 7, with a party and the presentation of an iPod Nano to the winning designer, Lupita Garcia. See the design on the ATI Web site home page. Reza suggests that CSU Dominguez Hills be identified somehow in the logo. Professor Michele Bury-White and Marion assumed language could be added to the logo as needed.

CSUDH ATI Protocol - Jeremiah Woolsey

The October minutes referred to a September motion "that the CSUDH ATI Committee develop a protocol to review campus capabilities in assistive technology and report them to the campus on a semi-annual basis." The October minutes further indicated that Jeremiah and Marion would write a draft protocol, distribute it to the committee for review, and present the reviewed draft for adoption at the November meeting. The draft protocol was never written but will be written and will be on the February meeting agenda..

Revised Coded Memorandum - Jeremiah Woolsey

  • Jeremiah distributed the Chancellor's Office's revised coded memo--automatic extension of accessible technology initiative requirements. The CO had originally required a preliminary report from campuses by January 2010 and a final report in 2012. With this September 17, 2009, revised memo, the CO makes report writing voluntary but is likely to provide a template. Jeremiah has discussed this with ATI sponsors at other campuses, and all agreed that it would be important to report accomplishments and challenges nonetheless.
  • The CSUDH ATI campus committee will voluntarily compile, author, and submit a report, making it succinct yet reflecting the positive accomplishments that have taken place over the year. Infrastructure and communications improvements are still in the planning stages. We'll make our own template and submit the report to the CO by the November deadline.
  • One area of compliance is beyond our control: learning materials. We can try to encourage faculty members to order textbooks for which accessible versions exist. Perhaps we can have a panel of ATI experts present at a spring event being planned by Bill Kirchinger, Bookstore Director. The event will bring publishers to campus.

e-Reserves - Wei Ma

  • An e-reserve system is being implemented in the University Library. Everything faculty submit for the system has to be checked for accessibility, and one staff person has been assigned to the task.
  • Doug suggests that Wei and the staff person view the training repository at http://ctl.csudh.edu/.
  • The staff person is invited to attend Doug and Reza's workshop on creating accessible Word and PDF documents. The next one is Thursday at 11:30 a.m. It's actually a mandatory training session for faculty members who are receiving new laptops from the University.
  • We can expect the implementation of electronic books and theses in the future.

Other Business

Before she left the University at the end of December, Denice Roberts of Disabled Student Services asked that information about copyright laws be available wherever alternate versions of material were being encouraged or created on campus. Dylan Lewis of Instructional Media Center made an MP3 version of Fundamentals of Copyright and Fair Use, Office of General Counsel, The California State University, July 2007. Find links to both versions at Assistive Technology Locations/Features.

Next meeting date/time to be determined