March 25 , 2010

Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) Committee Minutes

March 25 , 2010

Members Present: Ron Bergmann, Doug Borcoman, Reza Boroon, Farah Fisher, Munashe Furusa, Shon Lee, Wei Ma, Dale Mueller, Marion Smith, Mark Smith (for Patricia Wells), Emmit Williams, Jeremiah Woolsey

Guests: Deborah Parham, Associate Director, Disabled Student Services (DSS)

Minutes of the January 26, 2010, meeting

Minutes of the January 26 meeting were approved (moved by Reza, seconded by Doug).

Committee Reports/Updates

There were no reports by committee chairs.

Jeremiah announced that Marion presented a webinar with the title "Accessible Technology v. Copyright Law" last week. Over 50 people from around the CSU logged in. Following the webinar, Marion was asked to co-chair a systemwide task force considering accessibility and copyright, and she accepted.

Review Requirements for Campus ATI Report to the Chancellor's Office (CO) - Ron Bergmann

Ron distributed copies of draft 2.5 of the CO's "Accessible Technology Initiative Coded Memo, Revised 2010." In the original coded meno, issued in 2007, campuses had to create a timeline for compliance and submit an annual report to the CO. With draft 2.5, we are to work toward accessibility and comply on an as needed basis. The annual report is now voluntary, but we will go ahead and submit a 2010 report since we'd like to see what other campuses are doing regarding compliance, also. Our report will include information about Wei Ma's activities with text to speech implementations.

The Disabled Student Services office has received $175K in grant money and computers via the ASI technology fee.

Communication about our ATI activities has been sporadic within the campus. As possible solutions, Ron asks if we should publish an ATI newsletter, and Munashe invited Ron to come to an Academic Senate meeting to talk about ATI before the end of the year.

Dale asked if we have any grant funding for veterans. (She works closely with community colleges, who have been awarded grants to work with veterans.) Mark reponded that although Veterans' Affairs are included in the DSS activities, the office has no separate funding for veterans, though they were included in the office's recent grant.

OCR Audit of Chancellor's Office - Ron Bergmann

Ron distributed the CO's response to an investigation by the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) regarding its inaccessible Web files. The document is dated 2010-03-08 and is called, "CO Document Accessiblity Plan Summary." The document lists short-term activities and outlines key elements of a long-term plan.

Ron indicates that we need to start looking at documents (e.g., PDFs) on our campus Web site. Here are other steps we're taking:

  • Ron has bought some copies of Adobe Acrobat Pro 9, which includes accessibility features for creating documents. One possibility for the future is a volume discount bringing the price per copy down from $90 to $6. Another possibility is to buy keys (e.g., 50) that would permit so many copies of the software (e.g., 50) to run concurrently. This would require having to buy a key server in addition to copies of the software.
  • The launch of Percussion Web content management software will provide control over documents that are posted on the Web in the future.

Review Draft of Campus Update Communications Protocol

This protocol discusses the training of front-line staff and faculty to stay current on types, locations, and use of assistive technology on campus so that they can be helpful to disabled students. So far 70 employees have received this training. Future activities:

  • Jeremiah is a member of the CSUDH Affordable Learning Solutions (ALS) campaign.
  • Doug plans to provide on-going training on creating accessible learning materials through his online teaching academy.
  • Munashe asks that the training be brought to the Academic Senate. Contact Mary Brooks to e-mail a notice to all faculty.
  • Thirty training sessions on accessible technology have been held year-to-date, attended by approximately 60 faculty members, and 20 staff members.

Ron wants to include progress in this area in his IT status reports to President Garcia.

Jeremiah will update the draft and e-mail it to this committee for approval at the next ATI Committee meeting.

DSS Survey Update - Mark Smith

A general technology survey is going out to all students, not just disabled students.

Mark says DSS has never had funding for an assistive technology person. He indicates that local community colleges have good AT resources.

Ron says that in the future, new disabled students will have 504 plans created at their high schools.

Update on Accessible/Assistive Software Installations - Jeremiah Woolsey

  • Acrobat Pro is installed in the library and the Center for Teaching and Learning.
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking is installed in the Instructional Media Center. We have a license for 10 copies.
  • Doug says that 18 people are coming to the online academy, where they'll learn Dragon and Camtasia. He's investigating using YouTube's captioning.

Update on ATI Training Activities

ATI training will be offered to nursing faculty in April. Dale suggests offering it live at "the meeting" of full-time faculty on April 13. However, webinars are most useful for part time faculty.

Next meeting: Thursday, April 29, 2010, 10 a.m.