October 27, 2010

Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) Committee Minutes

October 27, 2009

Members Present: Adelbert (Adel) Baylis, Farah Fisher, Wei Ma, Denice Roberts, Marion Smith, Emmit Williams, Jeremiah Woolsey

Guests Present: Brenda Knepper

Minutes of the September 29, 2009, meeting

Minutes of the September 29 meeting were approved as posted (moved by Farah, seconded by Denice). Regarding the motion "that the CSUDH ATI Committee develop a protocol to review campus capabilities in assistive technology and report them to the campus on a semi-annual basis:" Jeremiah and Marion will write a draft protocol, distribute it to the committee for review, then present the reviewed draft for adoption at the November meeting.

ATI logo contest - Marion Smith

Marion visited Michele Bury-White's design class on October 12, inviting students to submit entries for the logo design contest. The students have established a Flickr group. As of this morning's meeting, nothing's been posted at the site, but the contest will continue with the following schedule:

  • November 9 - Students will post three digital sketches each on Flickr for review by committee members.
  • November 12 - Committee will pick one logo for each student to continue work on and notify students.
  • December 2 - Students will post their final logos on Flickr. Committee will review the designs and select a winner.
  • December 7 - The winning logo will be announced at a meeting of the design students. The iPod Nano prize will be awarded at that time.

Statements for publications - Brenda Knepper

  • Brenda wrote sample accessibility statements to be included in CSUDH publications and posted them on the University Advancement Web site. The link was sent to the committee with a request for comments. The next steps for the statements are approval and awareness. Brenda will go to Vice President Greg Saks to discuss the next steps.
  • Later in the meeting Brenda noticed that the Accessibility Web site includes a link called "Web Accessibility Statement." Brenda and Marion will review the contents of the two Web sites and determine how to coordinate them.

Updates on faculty training - Jeremiah Woolsey

  • Thirty-six members of the teaching faculty have received training in “Creating Accessible Instructional Materials.” Jeremiah begins a training session by asking attendees if they know what "ATI" means. The incentive for a correct answer is a new flash drive. (He's not awarded any so far.) By the end of the training session, attendees are well aware of the moral and legal aspects of assistive technology.
  • Adel indicates that he needs paperwork listing faculty members getting new laptops.

Kurzweil - Wei Ma

  • Wei described the convenience offered by Kurzweil to transfer printed material to a listening device such as an MP3 player. (Find locations of Kurzweil at http://www4.csudh.edu/access/locations/.) Other benefits provided by Kurzweil:
    • About 20 voices available
    • Adjustable reading speed
  • The University has 10 licenses for simultaneous use. Copyright violation would be an issue if a student shared a file after transferring it via Kurzweil, so copyright guidelines are posted near the Kurzweil machine in the University Library.
  • Denice points out that students have to demonstrate that they've actually purchased a textbook (by showing the receipt) before being able to make a derivative work (audio file) in Disabled Student Services (DSS). This averts copyright problems in DSS.
  • Fair Use guidelines might allow the uploading of such an audio file to a Blackboard course.
  • Many students can benefit from listening to material at the same time they are reading it.
  • Farah suggests studying developmental English and math, UNV 101, and/or ESL students to see if listening while reading can speed up their progress in their courses. Perhaps a research grant would be available for this study, which could be performed by members of this committee.
  • Wei will write material that could be used to market the concept of listening while reading to students and faculty and send it to Jeremiah. Perhaps the material could be sent to faculty via the all-faculty list, while material could be sent to students through Sue Borrego's office. In the meantime, Kurzweil will be added to academic technology training.
  • Note: Adobe Version 7 and higher offers a read-aloud feature.

Next meeting: Tuesday, November 24, 2009, 10:30 a.m., WH 380Q

The December meeting will have a special date/time/focus. The committee meets on Monday, December 7, 1:45 p.m., in LCH C104, for the announcement of the ATI logo contest winner.