September 29, 2009

Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) Committee Minutes

September 29, 2009

Members Present: Reza Boroon, Mohammad Eyedat, Farah Fisher, Linda Goldman, Shon Lee, Wei Ma, Denice Roberts, Marion Smith, Jeremiah Woolsey

Today's agenda was approved without change (Farah moved, Mohammad seconded).

Consideration of minutes of the June 30, 2009 meeting was postponed, pending publication of the minutes.

Update on coded memo from the Chancellor's Office (CO)- Jeremiah Woolsey

  • Jeremiah distributed a Revised Coded Memo (AA-2009-19) - Automatic Extension of Accessible Technology Initiative Requirements, dated September 21, 2009. Deadlines were reset to June 1, 2010. The memo removes the requirement for campuses to submit reports for 2009-10 and to start using CSU templates. Jeremiah plans to submit a brief report to the CO anyway.

Updates on faculty training - Jeremiah Woolsey

  • Seventy-five laptops are being rolled out to teaching faculty. In order to take posession of the laptop, a faculty member has to take training covering the laptop, the docking station, and assistive technology topics including MS Word, PDF files, captioning, and Elluminate. Twenty-two laptops (with training) have been distributed, with the other 53 faculty to be named by schools and trained within three weeks.

Update from subcommittees - Jeremiah Woolsey

  • Marketing & Communication: Marion reported that the committee was active this summer.
    • ATI logo design contest: Michele Bury-White, chair of the Art Department, will offer the contest to senior design students (6-8 students). Contestants first have to have a general understanding about the ATI project. Marion will contact Michele about meeting with the students. The ATI Committee would like to serve as judges. Perhaps the designs can be posted on the Web (and remain there for the benefit of the students' resumes) to facilitate judging. Perhaps the designs can be on display in the University Art Gallery, and Mohammad reminds us that the designs would be a welcome entry at Student Research Day in February. Emmit Williams was able to secure an iPod prize for the contest. Marion will finalize contest timing and other considerations with Michele.
    • Statements for publications: Brenda Knepper developed a set of accessibility statements to be included in campus publications. Jeremiah will have to decide how to proceed with the statements when finalized. Will makers of campus flyers, etc., be required to include the statements? Marion will distribute soft copies of Brenda's statements to the committee and the Office of Student Life. When you get your copy, please review the statements and send any comments to Marion and Brenda by Friday, October 16. Finalized statements will be presented at the October 27 ATI Committee meeting.
    • Promotions of ATI: ATI was the page one article in the Fall 2009 issue of Information Technology News, and two ATI flyers, directed to students, were offered at the IT table at Welcome Week.
  • Web development.
    • Percussion: Shon reports that back-end accessibility will be included in our launch of Percussion [content management system]. But not everything can be done at the back-end, so Web page accessibility will be included in Percussion training. E.g., a human will have to decide if alternative text is appropriate for the image to which it's assigned. Webmaster Tak Yee Poon is working on coordinating Percussion with the LDAP, so that users won't have to sign onto Percussion once they're logged into their workstations.
    • Hi-Software: Campuses have aired many complaints about the Hi-Software, for which the CO secured licenses. Shon indicates that Web developers are instead tending to use freely available Web checking software such as Cynthia Says and Dreamweaver's accessibility tools. Meanwhile, Shon and others monitor new pages.

Adobe Acrobat Pro purchase (25 licenses + deployment) - Jeremiah Woolsey

  • Acrobat Pro allows the user to add accessibility features, such as alt tags, to existing PDF files. That's one of its most useful purposes. Jeremiah is now accepting requests for deployment of the 25 licenses. Wei says the library needs four licenses (two for staff, two for the public). In addition to the library, Center for Teaching and Learning, Disabled Student Services (DSS), and full-time faculty are other candidates for licenses. Linda indicates that such deployment is difficult for nursing faculty since none of them have on-campus offices. However, full-time members of the nursing faculty come to campus once a month for a meeting. Jeremiah requests one hour of time for ATI topics at the next meeting of nursing faculty.
  • Abundant online training is available. Perhaps a Blackboard group can be set up to access the training.

Staff training on Kurzweil/Zoomtext/Acrobat Pro/Dragon Naturally Speaking - Jeremiah Woolsey

  • Training is set for Tuesday, October 13, 10-11 a.m. in WH 142. The training is directed to folks like staff members in DSS, computer labs, and the library who help faculty and students use these products.

Updates on additional online ATI training - Jeremiah Woolsey

Review CSUDH protocol for front-line staff communications, alignment to current campus capabilities in assistive technology - Jeremiah Woolsey

  • Jeremiah believes that it's important to update front-line staff on developments in assistive technology every six months. For example, if a low-vision student buys a textbook, does the student know that there might be a loose-leaf version available--a version that could be scanned and converted to audio? The student might learn about this from a knowledgeable staff member.
  • Motion: That the CSUDH ATI Committee develop a protocol to review campus capabilities in assistive technology and report them to the campus on a semi-annual basis.
  • The motion was moved by Farah Fisher, seconded by Denice Roberts, and passed.
  • Staff in DSS, the bookstore, the library, CLASS, and the ATI Committee should be primary targets for the alignment.
  • Farah recommends that the reviews be done in September and February.
  • Course syllabi and affected Web sites, such as the library and DSS sites, can point to a list of accommodations on the CSUDH Accessibility Web site. Jeremiah and Marion will develop the list, and Marion will keep it up to date.

e-Textbook and e-Reserve projects

  • Wei reports that faculty will soon be able to point to full-text documents in their Blackboard sections. The faculty member using an e-textbook will be given a software key by the bookstore. The library will authenticate faculty through the LDAP; once authenticated, the faculty member will be sent the URL of the reserved document.

New Business - Jeremiah Woolsey

  • Should the student Bulletin come into production again, it would be nice to have an ATI column in each issue.
  • Course syllabi should include accessibility statements and a pointer to the list of accommodations at the CSUDH Accessibility Web site.

Next meeting: Tuesday, October 27, 2009, 10:30 a.m.