November 15, 2010

Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) Committee Minutes

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Special Meeting, November 15, 2010

Members Present: Doug Borcoman, Reza Boroon, Angel Covarrubias, Farah Fisher, Munashe Furusa, Wei Ma, Deborah Parham, Marion Smith, Mark Smith, Jeremiah Woolsey

Purpose of this special meeting - discussion of "timely adoption" of instructional materials

With advance Spring 2011 registration beginning November 8, the bookstore should have had lists of required textbooks and coursepaks from faculty by that date for compliance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) of 2008. Angel indicated at the October 28 ATI meeting, however, that the October 18 adoption date produced only 20% compliance. What's at stake? Federal financial aid and federal funding for grants.

Angel reports that the bookstore sends lists of last year's material to faculty members who were teaching last semester--to help with with their current selections.

Timely adoption of instructional materials also allows the University Bookstore to have accessible versions of most materials available to students on the first day of the semester. Section 508 requires that disabled students have usable material at the same time that other students have that access.

For this committee, the broad definition of "instructional materials" includes the following:

  • Textbooks and coursepaks from the bookstore (listed in the online class schedule)
  • Course packages not from the bookstore
  • eReserves from the University Library
  • Public domain learning materials (e.g., MERLOT)

Any and all of this material would have to be accessible to comply with Section 508 and would have to be available for lookup by prospective students in a class. An issue arises with courses in which the instructor is not hired until the class starts. Who will select the instructional material for those courses in a timely manner?

Jeremiah seeks a resolution from this ATI Committee to be distributed to Provost Vogel, CIO Ron Bergmann, deans, and Irene Vasquez, chair of the Academic Senate. Following discussion of the draft resolution, the final form--CSUDH ATI Committee Resolution: Guidelines for Adoption of Textbook-Learning Materials [Word Doc] (41 KB)--was adopted by a motion by Farah Fisher, seconded by Marion Smith.

The Blackboard splash page now includes language about accessible material and the timely adoption of instructional materials. Version 9.1 of Blackboard, to go live in January, is reported to be Section 508 compliant.

Following the meeting, Munashe sent a link to Academic Senate Resolution EPC 06-06, "Timely Adoption of Texts," [Word Doc] adopted 2/14/07, to ATI Committee members. This resolution provides concise requirements for the timely adoption of texts.

Next meeting: TBA