October 28 , 2010

Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) Committee Minutes

October 28 , 2010

Members Present: Doug Borcoman, Reza Boroon, Angel Covarrubias, Mohammad Eyadat, Farah Fisher, Brian Lacey, Shon Lee, Francisco Quinonez, Marion Smith, Mark Smith, Patricia Ann Wells, Jeremiah Woolsey

Minutes of the September 30, 2010, meeting

Minutes of the September 30 meeting were approved (moved by Farah, seconded by Doug) with this correction: Change

Jeremiah will send an e-mail to the faculty mailing list, instructing them how to use Bomgar to download the software.

Jeremiah will send an e-mail to the faculty mailing list, instructing them to contact the IT Help Desk for installation of the software.

General Updates

Jeremiah will send an e-mail to the all employees mailing list, inviting them to contact the IT Help Desk about installation of Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro software.

Doug and Reza provided accessibility training to six faculty members in the last two days. Faculty are required to take this training when they are given new campus-owned laptops.

HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff Software Update

In preparation for our getting the Compliance Sheriff (which tests websites for accessibility), HiSoftware provided a 2-hour Elluminate training session for the CSU yesterday. Shon attended but had great difficulties with the audio transmission, so he heard only portions of the training. However, the training session was recorded, so he hopes to hear the whole training session soon.

One advantage of Compliance Sheriff is that it's Web-based. HiSoftware's earlier product AccVerify, for which we've had a license, had to be installed on individual workstations.

High-Level Review of Input to ATI Campus Report

Jeremiah requests one-hour weekly meetings with instructional material, purchasing, and Web accessibility representatives until the CSUDH campus report is sent to the Chancellor's Office at the end of November. He mentions developing a gap analysis. If you are one of these representatives, please send your best times and days to Jeremiah so he can develop a calendar of meetings.

The report makes numerous references to "policy." Where necessary, this committee will quickly develop and approve policies. He considers the report a roadmap and place to start.

Patricia reports that a disabled student is required to purchase a textbook in order to get an accessible copy. In other words, a disabled student is essentially unable to rent a textbook. Angel notes that he can usually get a PDF or looseleaf edition from a publisher within a week of his request. (Jeremiah notes that a PDF of a scanned document is not accessible.)

Early textbook adoption is another issue. With advance Spring 2011 registration beginning November 8, the bookstore should have lists of required textbooks by that date for compliance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) of 2008. Angel indicates, though, that the October 18 adoption date produced only 20% compliance. What's at stake? Federal financial aid and federal funding for grants. At another college, Brian saw a 60% compliance when the deans were pushing for early adoption. Jeremiah, Marion, Brian, and Angel will meet next week to discuss this further.

Francisco notes that his department, PCLASS, is working on its portion of the ATI report to the Chancellor's office.

Next meeting: TBA