Comprehensive Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) Campus Plan

The ATI Campus Plan, with the effective date of December 19, 2014, was the initial pass at rewriting the outdated ATI Campus Plans (Instructional Materials, E&IT Procurement, and Web Accessibility).  As the ATI Steering Committee is responsible for reviewing and revising the ATI Campus Plan, the members were committed to reviewing the first pass of the updated plan beginning in January, 2015, and defining three to five clear and measureable Key Plans for each goal listed in this plan.  As this comprehensive plan covers all three of the priority areas reportable on the ATI Annual Report to the Chancellor’s Office, the ATI Steering Committee was split into three working groups and worked with the ATI Staff Support Team Members to formalize all the goals, key plans, processes, and measurements for success through documentation and implementation.  The working groups were given two months to complete this task and report back to the entire ATI Steering Committee in March, 2015.  Upon the completion of their reports, the first pass document was revised and submitted to the CSU Chancellor’s Office auditors.

In April, 2015, the ATI Campus Plan with the effective date of March 31, 2015, was presented to the ATI Steering Committee for final review.  The committee spent countless hours reviewing the document.  As this is a multiyear plan, the ATI Steering Committee will review this plan at the beginning of each academic year and publish any revisions to the plan with a current effective date.  Upon reviewing this plan annually, the ATI Steering Committee will propose recommendations for implementation to the ATI Executive Sponsor.  In academic year 2016-2017, the committee will write the plan for the following three years.

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