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Assistive Technology Locations/Features

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Information Technology's General Purpose Computer Lab, WH D160

This lab offers 10 accessible workstations. Signs on the stations indicate that disabled students have priority on use of the stations. In the absence of a disabled user, a user who needs the scanner has first priority on these workstations. Each workstation has these features:

  • Textbook and document reader (Kurzweil 3000)
  • Screen magnifying software (ZoomText)
  • Headphones available for checkout
  • On 5 of the 10 machines
    • Height adjustable desk
    • Oversized monitor
    • Document/Image Scanner

The lab also offers a document camera magnifier.

University Library

The University Library's three labs have accessible workstations:

Toro Netcafe. Most wheelchairs are able to fit comfortably under the Netcafe's tables. Because the Netcafe's chairs are adjustable and the monitors are large flat-screen units, everyone should be comfortable using the Netcafe.

Public Computer Area, ERC 2nd Floor near Reference Desk. One of this area's workstations is designed to be accessible to users having mobility impairments:

  • Access to the workstation is restricted. Obtain the password from the reference librarian on duty.
  • The table is manually adjustable. If you need assistance making necessary adjustments, notify the reference librarian on duty.
  • The display offers high contrast and magnification.

Bibliographic Instruction Room, ERC 4th Floor

  • The classroom offers one power table.
  • With prior notice, one or more displays can be set for high contrast and magnification.

Center for Learning & Academic Support Services (CLASS), SCC 1102

  • One workstation offering Kurzweil

Features: Kurzweil-Zoomtext Deployment

  • WH 160 Computer Lab (5)
  • WH 440 Academic Affairs (6)
  • LIB C-108 Instructional Media Distribution (Kurzweil Only - 1)
  • LIB C-121 Instructional Media System (1)
  • LIB C-111 Breakout Rooms (1)
  • LIB C-510 Center for Teaching and Learning (1)
  • Library 2nd Floor (2) w/ Optelec (video magnifier)
  • SCC 1-148 DSS (1) w/ Optelec