Add/Drop, Appeal, & Petition Forms

Add Courses Form Online Courses [PDF] - ONLINE To add online courses after the session has started **Not a Registration Form** This form is only to be used after registration has closed.

Drop Courses Form Online Courses [PDF] - ONLINE To drop online courses after the session has started **Not a Registration Form** This form is only to be used after registration has closed.

Course Grade Appeal Form [DOC]  - Policy and forms to appeal a grade.

Petition for Exception [PDF] - Required form if you wish to appeal a University policy.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form Graduate Students [PDF] - Appeal financial aid eligibility


Program Change, Withdrawal & Leave Forms

Planned Education Leave - Request a leave of absence from the program, must be submitted before the semester of leave begins

Program Withdraw Form [PDF] - Formally withdraw from the program


Transfer, Substitution, & Waiver Forms

Course Substitution Request Form [PDF] - Submit form and documentation to your Advisor to request a course substitution

Credit for Transferred Graduate Coursework [PDF] - To be completed after Course Substitution Request approved for transfer of external coursework

Graduate Course Credit for Seniors [PDF] - Undergraduate students approved to take graduate courses must submit to ensure courses are not counted toward undergrad degree

Petition for Fulfillment of GWAR [PDF] - Waiver form for the Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement


Graduation Forms

Transcript Request Form - Request official transcripts from the Admissions & Records Office

Graduation Application Filing Deadlines for Graduate Students - Graduation applications submitted through MyCSUDH student portal

Graduation Application Date Change Form [PDF] - To change expected graduation semester

LATE Graduation Application [PDF] - Graduating students who did not submit their application online and have missed all deadlines must submit a paper application and a petition for exception form to the MPA Advisor.

Request for Graduate Certification [PDF] - Students who are seeking an official certification from the University regarding their graduation status for employment or other purposes.

Request for Emergency Graduation Clearance [PDF] - Students who need to have their degrees conferred faster than the normal processing times. Students must be able to provide documentation to the need for expedited service.

Diploma Reorder Form [PDF] - Students who wish to have multiple copies of their original diploma may purchase additional diplomas for $15 per diploma.


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