Accounts Payable


For student and cashiering assistance, send email to

For accounts payable assistance, visit Help/Contact.

For general accounting and accounts receivable assistance, send email to

Accounts Payable (AP) provides payments to vendors for goods and services provided to the University, as well as reimbursement of employee travel and hospitality expenses. 

Kara Bush
Accounts Payable Lead
(310) 243-2341

All invoices are divided alphabetically by company name, while individuals are distributed by FIRST name, and are handled by the following technicians:

A - F: Briselda Quintero, ext. 2499
G - R: Traniece Anthony, ext. 2365
S - Z: Iris Talactac, ext. 1068
Travel, PCard Audit: Juan Carlos Rodriguez, ext. 3863

The general phone number for Accounts Payable is (310) 243-3807. 

Any questions regarding contracts should be directed to Procurement and Contracts at

Any questions regarding obtaining a Pcard, Pcard approval requests, Pcard policy inquiries, etc. should be directed to

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