Accounts Payable

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Accounts Payable (AP) provides timely and accurate payments to vendors for merchandise and services provided to the University, as well as timely reimbursement of employee travel or hospitality expenses.

Kara Bush, Accounts Payable Lead, ext. 2341

All invoices are divided alphabetically by company name, while individuals are distributed by FIRST name, and are paid by the following technicians:

A - D & Construction - Kacey Tran , ext. 2499
E - M - Traniece Anthony, ext. 2365
N - Z & ASI - Iris Talactac ext. 1068
Travel and Procard -  Juan Carlos Rodriguez, ext. 3863                                                                                                                         

The general phone number for all accounting technicians is:  (310) 243-3807. Please leave a message if you reach voice mail.  We may be on the phone with another vendor, away from our desks, or doing data entry for checks.  Please give company name, caller's first and last name, phone number, and Purchase Order No. in your messages.  This information will help us give you a prompt response to your inquiries.

Any questions regarding contracts should be directed to Procurement and Contracts at 310-243-3799.


Any questions regarding travel should be directed to Juan Carlos Rodriguez or visit the Travel page.

For information regarding employee reimbursements of hospitality or other non travel related expenses click here.

CFS Inquiry Pages [PDF]