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Common Financial System(CFS)/Peoplesoft

In PeopleSoft Finance, a financial activity is classified and identified through the use of a chartfield string. The PeopleSoft chartfield string may be composed of up to 6 distinct chartfields: Account, Fund, Department, Program, Class, and Project. These chartfields have the following specific meanings in PeopleSoft:

Account [PDF]

  • Represents the nature of the transaction
  • Mandatory chartfield for all transactions
  • 6 characters - numeric
  • Further classified as Asset (1xxxxx), Liability (2xxxxx), Fund Equity (3xxxxx), Revenue (5xxxxx), or Expenditure (6xxxxx).
  • Account codes are based on CSU-standard object codes, and may elaborate on them. Click here for object code definitions. Accounts that have a 4th digit that is 8 or 9 are campus-specific accounts that provide a more specific account description. For example, 660815 is Instructional Supplies, which is a further delineation of 660003 - Supplies and Services.

Fund [PDF]

  • Represents the source of money
  • Mandatory chartfield for all transactions
  • 5 characters - alpha-numeric
  • Example: AADHT - Operating Fund, FTxxx - Student Fee Trust Funds, MTxxx - Miscellaneous Trust Funds, LTxxx - Lottery Funds, EExxx - Extended Ed Funds

Department [PDF]

  • Represents the campus department that is responsible for a financial transaction based on organizational structure
  • Mandatory chartfield for all revenues and expense transactions
  • 5 characters - numeric
  • Example: 1xxxx - President's Office, 2xxxx - Academic Affairs, 3xxxx - Administration and Finance, 4xxxx - Student Affairs, 5xxxx - Advancement, 6xxxx - IT, 7xxxx - Centrally Monitored

Program [PDF]

  • Represents a further delineation of revenues and expenses as defined by each division, if necessary
  • Optional chartfield, except for when used in the Reimbursed Fund (REIMB). All revenues and expenditures in REIMB must have a Program chartfield value to identify the external organization that have to be billed.
  • 5 characters - alpha-numeric
  • Used to track activities that cross multiple fiscal years, with infinite time spans
  • Example: Axxxx – Academic Affairs, FAxxx – Administration and Finance, ITxxx – IT, Pxxxx – President’s Office, Rxxxx – Billing for Cost Recovery(REIMB), Sxxxx – Student Affairs, Uxxxx – Advancement, Yxxxx – ASI use only, Zxxxx – Budget Office and Centrally Monitored Accounts

Class [PDF]

  • Represents the academic term of the fee revenues; could also be used as further delineation of revenues and expenses when the use of campus-specific accounts or program codes does not fulfill the need of the department
  • Optional chartfield
  • 4 characters - alpha, when used with fee revenues, 4 characters - alpha-numeric when used with revenues and expenses

Project [PDF]

  • Used to track activities that cross multiple fiscal years, with finite time spans – i.e. construction projects, capital improvement projects, campus projects
  • Optional chartfield
  • Up to 8 characters, but the University uses 7 characters - alpha-numeric
  • Activities associated with this chartfield may have more than one Department, Fund, and/or Account

To request a new chartfield, other than Dept ID, fill out the Chartfield Request Form [PDF] and email it to Accounting Services at

To request a new Dept ID, go to the Budget Office Forms page, and fill out the Department ID Request Form [PDF].