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Account Information

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Payment Plans are available online at the start of each term. Payment Plans are established based on the student's registration date and are designed to ensure full payment by the end of the third week of the term. Non-resident students do not qualify for online payment plans. These plans must be set up by Student Financial Services. 

Students will NOT receive a paper bill for fees. 

Students have the ability to authorize another user to view their outstanding balance and pay their balance on the student's behalf. Once set up, the authorized user will have a unique user id and password and will only have the ability to view the student's financial information and not their personal information, grades or stored payment information.  To access this functionality select the Authorized User tab of ToroPay.

The student can pay by electronic check or credit card online. There is a non-refundable 2.75% service fee ($3 minimum) charged by our third party processor TouchNet® PayPathTMfor paying with a credit card.  Debit cards are treated the same as credit cards and will incur the service fee. There is no fee charged for paying with electronic check

Parking passes can be purchased online for mail delivery up to the start date of the term. To access this feature select the parking online link through the home page of ToroPay.