Credit Card Convenience Fee FAQ

What is the fee policy change for online payments made with credit cards?

Students who use credit cards to make payments at my.CSUDH.edu will be charged a 2.75% non-refundable convenience fee (minimum charge is $3.00). Debit cards used online are processed as credit card transactions and are subject to the 2.75% non-refundable convenience fee. Effective May 1, 2018, the third party processor will increase the non-refundable convenience fee to 2.85%.

Why am I being charged for paying online with my credit card?

The university cannot afford to subsidize the credit card processing fee. Transaction fees would cost the university several hundred thousand dollars per year. The majority of universities pass this fee on to the student. CSUDH reinvests the savings back into the university to improve student services, primarily through investing in instructional equipment such as classroom upgrades and improved instructional technology.

Where does the convenience fee go?

CSUDH does not collect or keep any of the convenience fees. The fee is charged by our third-party processor, TouchNet® PayPathTM, to cover the processing fees charged by the credit card companies.

How do I avoid being charged the convenience fee? What are my other payment options?

You can continue to make online payments at my.CSUDH.edu with electronic checks (e-checks) to avoiding paying the convenience fee. To pay with an e-check, go to my.CSUDH.edu to provide your bank routing number and account number. It’s fast, simple, convenient, and secure.

You can also avoid fees by paying with cash, checks, or money orders in person at the Cashier’s Office, located on the 2nd floor of Welch Hall. Please note that the Cashier’s Office does not accept credit or debit cards. Cashier Office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Monday through Thursday, and 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Friday.

Can I still pay online using my credit card?

Yes, you can continue to pay online at my.CSUDH.edu using your credit card. If you do so, you will be charged a 2.75% convenience fee for each transaction. Debit cards used online are processed as credit card transactions and are subject to the 2.75% non-refundable convenience fee. Effective May 1, 2018, the third party processor will increase the non-refundable convenience fee to 2.85%.

I have questions. Who can I talk to?

Please contact Student Financial Services with any questions.

Office: Welch Hall, 2nd Floor, B-270
Phone: (310) 243-3780
Email: sfs@csudh.edu

Cashier's Office FAQ

When are payments due for the current semester?

Fee payment deadlines are found in the current semester Schedule of Classes located on the CSUDH web site under the title Fees. The payment due dates vary, based on the date that you register for classes.

Should I wait for a bill?

Students are fully responsible for meeting the payment deadline. You will not receive a bill. Failure to make a full payment or establish a payment plan by the deadline may result in disenrollment from courses. Account balances are available through my.csudh.edu.

Can I pay before I register?

It is not preferred; however, you can pay before you register for classes at the Cashiers’ Office only. These funds will create a credit on your student account and could be refunded to you if you do not immediately register for classes. In some instances there would be a non-refundable processing fee for the refund.

What types of payments do you accept?

Fees may be paid in three ways: online, in person or by mail. 

  • To pay online, sign on to my.csudh.edu and go to the ToroPay link. You can pay by electronic check or credit card. There is a non-refundable 2.75% convenience fee ($3 minimum) charged by our third party processor TouchNet PayPath for paying with a credit card. Effective May 1, 2018, the third party processor will increase the non-refundable convenience fee to 2.85%. Debit cards are treated the same as credit cards and will incur the service fee. There is no fee charged for paying by electronic check. 
  • To pay in person, visit the Cashier's Office on campus at WH-B270. Acceptable methods of payment are cash, check, cashiers check, and money order. The Cashier's Office does not accept credit or debit card payments.
  • Mail (check only) payment to:
    • CSU Dominguez Hills
      Attn: Cashier's Office, WH 270
      1000 East Victoria Street
      Carson, CA 90747
Can I mail my payments?

Yes, we do accept payments via mail. However, payments are posted on the day they are received by the Cashiers’ Office. Postmarks do not determine the payment date. You should account for one to two weeks to get payments to us. Our mailing address is:

  • CSU Dominguez Hills
    1000 E. Victoria Street, WH 270
    Carson, CA 90747
    Attn: Cashier's Office
Can I pay my late registration fees with a personal check?

Yes, you can.

How can I get a detailed receipt for the fees I have paid?

You can pay a $4.00 processing fee at the Cashier's Office. The Cashier's Office will create the itemized receipt for you. If you do not require a receipt on university letterhead, you can print out billing and payment history directly from ToroPay at my.csudh.edu.

Where do I go to purchase a parking permit?

Parking permits are sold online via the my.csudh.edu Portal and at the Cashier’s Office windows. To purchase online please visit my.csudh.edu and select the Parking button, located in the Launchpad. Parking permits purchased online will be mailed to the address you indicate at the time of purchase. You can also purchase a parking permit in person at the Cashier's Office located in WH 270, but you should expect long lines, thus long waits. We encourage you to purchase your parking permit online.

Where is the Cashier’s Office located?

The Cashier's Office is located in WH 270.

Outstanding Balances & Collections FAQ

Will I get any advance notice that I may be dropped from my classes?

Student email is one of the primary means of communication between CSUDH students and the Offices of Admissions, Financial Aid, Records & Registration, and Student Financial Services. Messages regarding important deadlines, missing documents, and other correspondence will be sent to your official CSUDH email account.

I have an outstanding balance owed from a previous semester. Can I register for classes?

No. All students' outstanding balances must be satisfied before enrolling in future classes that will add to the debt. Financial Aid awards for a current academic year cannot be applied to previous academic years.

I have an outstanding balance owed from a previous semester. Can I participate in the Installment Payment Plan?

No. If you owe any money from a previous semester, it must be repaid before you will be allowed to participate in the Installment Payment Plan.

How long does it take to clear a financial hold?

Once the payment is posted to your account, financial holds are cleared overnight.

I will not attend CSUDH next semester. What do I need to do for my Perkins Loan?

Please contact Student Financial Services at sfs@csudh.edu or (310) 243-3780. You will need to complete an exit interview. Student Financial Services will notify ECSI, our loan servicer, to have an exit interview email sent to your ToroMail account.

Can I defer my Perkins Loan payments?

Yes. If you are a half-time student, unemployed, temporarily disabled, or teaching, provided the correct form is completed and returned. Forms can be obtained from Student Financial Services.

Is my Perkins Loan reported to a credit bureau?

Yes. Our billing service, ECSI, reports all advances and loan statuses on a monthly basis. It is important, therefore, to keep your current address and situation up to date with ECSI.

Installment Payment FAQ

How do I know if I am eligible for the Installment Payment Agreement?

You are eligible for the Installment Payment Plan Agreement if you do not have any outstanding obligations with the university.

Can I pay my registration fees in installments?

Yes, you can pay your registration fees in installments. You can setup an Installment Payment Plan (IPP) at my.csudh.edu. The IPP will establish future due dates based on the plan available at that time. The IPP agreement is automated and will identify the due dates and amounts due on those dates. By accepting the agreement, the student is responsible for the payments as scheduled.

How many payments do I have to make if I signed the Installment Payment Agreement?

The payment plan schedules are based on the date that you initiate a payment plan. All payments for the current term are due by the sixth week of the term.

Is there a fee to participate in the Installment Payment Plan?

Yes, the fee to participate in the Installment Payment Plan is $33.00 and is non-refundable.

Are there any charges for making a late installment payment?

Yes. There is a $20.00 late payment fee for each late installment payment.

Refunds/Waivers & Student Accounting FAQ

What happens if my check is returned due to insufficient funds?

If your payment is returned by your bank for any reason, CSUDH will assess a $25.00 returned check fee and any other related late fees. You will have a financial hold placed on your account until the outstanding balance on your account is satisfied.

When will my financial aid be disbursed?

Financial aid disbursements are initiated by the Financial Aid office upon completion of their review and eligibility criteria. Financial Aid funds are disbursed to Student Financial Services, which then credits the funds to the individual student accounts to offset any outstanding charges. Student Financial Services will then determine any outstanding credit balances and disburse the funds via direct deposit (ACH). If the student has not signed up for direct deposit, then a check will be mailed to the student's address. Mailed checks normally take 5 to 10 business to reach the recipient, while direct deposits typically arrive in 3 to 4 business days.

Will I get separate checks/direct deposits or a single check/direct deposit?

A single check or direct deposit deposit will be mailed for all grant funds that are ready for disbursement, including Pell, State University Grants, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, Educational Opportunity Program, Cal Grants, Perkins Loans, William D. Ford Loans, and scholarships.

May I personally pick up my refund check?

No. Student Refund checks are produced and mailed to the student's address. You should verify the address on record and ensure that it is accurate and changed whenever you change residence. Student Financial Services encourages all students to enroll in direct deposit. By enrolling in direct deposit, students receive their refunds faster and more securely. To enroll in direct deposit, visit the my.csudh.edu Portal, select Student Center from the Launchpad, and select Enroll in Direct Deposit in the Finance Section.

Do I get a refund if my fees were paid by Financial Aid?

The Financial Aid Department determines your total financial aid disbursement. Please check with them if you dispute the total disbursement amount.

How long does it take to receive a non-financial aid refund?

Refunds are automatically calculated at the end of the add/drop period of the semester. For Summer, refunds are calculated after the end of add/drop for the second session. Because of the large volume of refunds to be processed at that time, the largest refunds are processed first. Refunds are issued in the form they were received: refunds of credit card payments will be issued back to the credit card that was used to make the payment, including debit/check cards used as credit cards; refunds of cash, checks, electronic checks, or debit cards will be issued via check or electronic fund transfer. Most refunds are issued within three weeks after the end of add/drop, but some refunds can take as long as six weeks. If you have not received a refund by the end of six weeks AFTER the end of add/drop, please contact Student Financial Services.

How much of a refund should I expect to receive?

Please refer to the refund percentage table for the term and calculate the amount of fees you should be charged. Subtract that amount from all payments you have made. This is the refund amount, less $10 processing fee and any other non-refundable fees (i.e. ID card, installment plan fees, etc.).

If I paid my tuition and fees with my credit card, can you send me a check instead of crediting back my credit card?

No. We are unable to issue checks for payments made by credit card. All refunds will be credited back to the original credit card used, unless the payment was made over one (1) year ago.

If someone other than me paid my tuition and fees, can a refund be issued in their name?

No. A refund can only be issued in the name of the student whose account reflects the credit, regardless of who paid the fees.

I haven’t received my financial aid or refund disbursements.

If a check has been mailed and has not been received after seven (7) business days, the student must complete an affidavit and stop payment form. Upon completion of the affidavit, a replacement check will be issued. The student will be notified via email if their direct deposit information is returned by the bank.

I am an older adult student. Why have I been assessed the full registration fees?

In order to have your fees waived, you must complete an Older Adult Fee Waiver form for each semester and file it with the Office of Admissions and Records. There are specific requirements that must be met in order to receive the waiver.

I will take classes through Extended Education. Where should I submit my third-party contract?

Students taking classes through Extended Education should submit their third-party contract directly to the Extended Education Department.