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Dominguez Poll Results

March 2018: Dominguez Poll On Immigration [PDF]

Scientific Telephone Survey was Element of CSUDH series, "¡Adelante!  Latinx Activism in California"

A scientific telephone opinion survey of the South Bay area complemented other activities during the university's themed spring semester, ¡Adelante!: Latinx Activism in California. Analysis of the survey will be led by the university’s Urban Community Research Center (UCRC). The UCRC Director is Dr. Matt G. Mutchler, Professor of Sociology.

Survey respondents were asked questions pertaining to the importance and the job performance of higher education institutions, immigration, health outcomes in the community, bilingual public education, and issues pertaining to the ways in which gay, lesbian, and transgender persons are treated.

Joining Dr. Mutchler on the survey analysis team are faculty and administrators who developed the survey instrument. They include Dr. Keith Boyum, Special Assistant to the President; Dr. Pamela Krochalk, Professor and Chair of Health Sciences; Dr. Sarah Lacy, Assistant Professor of Anthropology; Dr. Kelin Li, Assistant Professor of Sociology; and Dr. Enrique Ortega, Assistant Professor of Health Sciences.

The Urban Community Research Center (UCRC) is a multidisciplinary applied research center focused on the needs, problems, and solutions that arise in urban areas with a special focus on the South Bay Region of the Los Angeles Basin. Goals of the center include conducting high-quality research on urban change and social problems; providing social scientific expertise from CSUDH faculty to community-based organizations, governments, and other entities in the South Bay Region and beyond; and creating opportunities for students to receive training through involvement in applied research projects.

The contractor for the survey was the Social Science Research Center at California State University, Fullerton.