University Subpoena Coordination

It is the policy of the University that all subpoenas are to be received by the subpoena coordinator with the following exception: If a subpoena calls for the appearance of a witness, or a witness together with documents, it must be served upon that witness personally. However, a copy of that subpoena must be directed to the campus subpoena coordinator.

Service of a summons and complaint (i.e., a lawsuit) against the University must be accomplished at the Office of the General Counsel in the Chancellor's Office in Long Beach. Please direct anyone trying to serve such a subpoena to the CSU Office of the Chancellor which is located at 401 Golden Shore, Long Beach, CA 90802.

Service of a lawsuit upon an individual defendant, however, like a subpoena, must be made on that individual personally.

Subpoena processing is now being coordinated by Andrea Alvarez. Please direct all campus subpoenas to Welch Hall, 4th Floor, B-470. Thank you for your cooperation.

Location: Welch Hall, 4th Floor, B-470
Telephone: (310) 243-3750
Fax: (310) 243-3869

Naomi Goodwin, Vice President for Administration and Finance
Wayne Nishioka, Assistant Vice President, Administration and Finance
Andrea Alvarez, University Subpoena Coordinator

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