In-Person Classes: Fall 2020

Updated August 3, 2020

To protect the health and safety of our campus community, CSUDH is offering limited in-person classes in Fall 2020. Listed below, these classes emphasize practical and hands-on learning, and clinical placements that cannot otherwise be offered.

Note: While every effort is made to keep the list below updated, the list may not reflect the most current in-person offerings.

Always refer to the Class Schedule for the most accurate and up-to-date information on class offerings and class location.

College of Arts & Humanities

ART 150 Ceramics I

ART 190 Sculpture I

COM 110/111 Intro Digital Media Production

DAN 110 Dance of World Cultures

DAN 120 Tap Dance

DAN 200 Jazz I

DAN 205 Jazz II

DAN 210 Ballet I

DAN 215 Ballet II

DAN 440 Dance for Children

DAN 480 Dance Rehearsal & Performance

DMA 447 Audio Projects Lab

MUS 171/271/371/471 Chamber Singers

MUS 173/273/373/473 Jazz Ensemble

MUS 175/275/375/475 Band

MUS 176/276/376/476 Orchestra

MUS 177/277/377/477 Chorus

MUS 178/278/378/478 Guitar Ensemble

THE 264 Acting I

THE 269 Voice and Movement

THE 339 Multicultural Children's Theatre

THE 346 Theatre Workshop

THE 374 Stage Directing

THE 440 Rehearsal and Performance

THE 464 Acting III

THE 495 Special Topics In Theatre

College of Health, Human Services & Nursing

CLS 430 Clin Micro Lab

CLS 431 Clin Chemistry Lab

HEA 287 Clinical Practicum I

HEA 387 Clinical Practicum II

HEA 487 Clinical Practicum IV

HEA 488 Clinical Practicum V

HEA 496 Internship in Health Sciences

HUS 460 Research Methods for HUS

KIN 132 Gymnastics

KIN 496 Internship

MSN 558 FNP: Role Perform I

OTR 537L Occupational Assessment II

College of Natural & Behavioral Sciences

BIO 325 Microbiology Laboratory

College of Education

EDU 470 Learning Plan Development

EDU 474 Learning Plan Completion

LBS 302 Classroom Management

LBS 400 Senior Seminar in Lib. Studies

PPS 537 College Couns Practicum

PPS 538 Fieldwork Colleg Counseling

PPS 554 School Counseling Practicum

PPS 555 CWA Fieldwork

PPS 575 Fieldwrk Sch Counseling

SLP 560 Fieldwk, Prelim Leaders

SPE 456 Fld Ex Gen Sp Ed Stu Teach Opt

SPE 479 Stu Tch Ind With Mild/Mod Dis

SPE 523 Sp Ed Intern Initial Fld Exp

SPE 525 Sp Ed Intern Adv Fld Exp

SPE 526 Continuing Supervision Interns

SPE 555 Directed Teaching in ECSE

SPE 566 Dir Teach Inds Mod Sev Dis

SPE 569 Dir Teach Inds Mild Mod Dis

SPE 575 Student Teaching ECSE

SPE 576 Stu Tch Ind With Mod/Sev Disbl

TED 407 Languages in Praxis

TED 433 Tchg Prac Sem: MSST

TED 435 Elem Stu Teaching

TED 437 Elem Stu Teaching (integrated)

TED 445 Fieldwork: Elementary

TED 453 Tchg Prac Sem: SS ST

TED 455 Sec Stu Teaching

TED 465 Fieldwork: Secondary