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We Found ____ at DH

We Found ___ at DH

Vanessa Chavez found her husband at DH

I met Jonathan for the first time in a math class at CSUDH. We were both math majors, so we got closer as friends because we were in most of the same courses. We started dating in 2018 and then got married in 2020. Now, we’re both math teachers, and we share so many fun memories at our alma mater.

We Found ___ at DH

Rosio Moreno found friendship at DH

I met two amazing women when I was an undergraduate at CSUDH. Over the years, our friendship grew. We traveled together. We laughed and cried together. No matter how far apart we are now, we always keep in touch. They’ve become much more than my friends and co-workers. They’re now my sisters.

We Found ___ at DH

Richard Gutierrez found his wife at DH

I met a young lady in my English 111 class. She sat behind me, and for days she kept asking to borrow a pencil. I was oblivious to the fact that she liked me until a friend of mine convinced me that she was. I wasn’t sure what to think, since she already had a boyfriend, but I liked her and decided to play the long game. Things eventually fell into place, and we started dating. In 2019, we got married at Wayfarers Chapel and now have our own house. No kids, though. Only dogs.

We Found ___ at DH

Kelly Banks found friendship at DH

I met Jasmine in the spring of 2018. We pledged the same sorority, Omega Phi Chi Multicultural Sorority, Inc. When we went through our process, we became really close. Jasmine is one of my best friends now. She is one of the most genuine people I know. She always has my back no matter what.

We Found ___ at DH

Shirley Tolentino found connections at DH

My name is Shirley Tolentino. I attended CSUDH to find a career. I lived in Long Beach, and it took me about 30 minutes to get to campus, depending on the traffic. I attended Welcome Week and got introduced to new people and professors. I settled on violin performance as my major. I played music with my classmates, attended concerts, and made important connections.

We Found ___ at DH

Herlette Braxton found inspiration at DH

I met Dr. Barbara Young as an undergraduate at CSUDH. I enrolled in one of her classes, and the experience changed my life. On the first night of class, I walked in and saw a beautiful African American queen wearing a professional suit and 4-inch heels. She greeted every student as we entered and told us that this class would not be like any other. She was there, she said, to help us finish what we started.

From that moment on, I reached out to Dr. B with any questions or concerns that I had about coursework, life situations, and anything else. Seeing someone who looked like me, understood me, and genuinely cared about what I was trying to accomplish made me feel so confident and comfortable.

Dr. B has since passed away, but I think of her often and smile. I will start my PhD soon. The ambition, passion, and drive that got me to this point was fueled by the impact she made on my life.

We Found ___ at DH

Guadalupe Gonzalez found her husband at DH

I met him in community college back in 2010. We graduated together and started at CSUDH in 2014. He proposed right after graduation, which made graduation more special. Now, when we return to campus, it’s full of great memories!

We Found ___ at DH

Lisa Bagby found mentorship at DH

When I first came to CSUDH in 1985, I took a public speaking course with Mr. Charles Walker. As I look back on my life and profession, I see that he was instrumental in helping me to present myself in an articulate manner, and to tell stories and convey information in a way that captured my audience’s attention. He knew I was afraid of public speaking. He knew I was an introvert. His support and mentorship truly helped me be successful in that class and, ultimately, in my life.

I returned to CSUDH in 2008 and finished my master’s degree in 2011. I had no idea when I took Mr. Walker’s class that I would rely so much on the skills he taught me as I’ve progressed in my career. I have him to thank for the success of my public speeches and presentations, for which I’m often complimented about my delivery and engagement with my audiences. He was more than an instructor. He was a mentor who helped me overcome my fears, believe in myself, and become a real leader.

We Found ___ at DH

Izham Rosli his wife at DH

I am Malaysian, and I have a physical disability. On my very first day at CSUDH, I met students from Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka, and we have become lifelong friends. In my first year, a group of students sponsored by the Malaysian government registered to attend CSUDH. I was asked to help them make a smooth transition. Rosmunaliza was one of those students. We became very close and decided to get engaged in Los Angeles and then marry when she returned to Malaysia. Next year, we will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary, God willing.

Being able to return to CSUDH with Rosmunaliza for a visit is one of the things on my bucket list. Pray for our own homecoming!

We Found ___ at DH

Diana Becerra found her husband at DH

I met Alex in September 2001 in the NSM building. Alex had joined a club called Science Society and so did I. Alex was a math major, and I was a biology major, so the only reason we met was because we were both members of the club. We became good friends for three years, which allowed us to establish a solid foundation in our relationship. Both of us graduated with our bachelor’s degree in 2004.

Right after graduation we became boyfriend and girlfriend. I went back to CSUDH to do my master’s degree, and Alex did his teaching credential there as well. On August 25, 2006, after we both finished our education and found jobs, Alex romantically proposed on a hilltop overlooking the ocean. I said yes!!!

We were engaged for a year and our wedding was on August 11, 2007. Two years and three months after getting married, we welcomed our beautiful daughter into this world. I'm happy to say that Alex and I have been happily married for more than 15 years. I'm extremely thankful that I was blessed to meet my best friend/husband at Dominguez Hills! This is our love story from CSUDH.

We Found ___ at DH

Milagro Cunningham found support at DH

We all met on the first day of our master’s in social work (MSW) program in 2013. My MSW buddies provided me the support I needed during the three years of graduate school. We remain lifelong friends.

We Found ___ at DH

John Hollaway found his wife at DH

My story is straight out of a fairy tale. I just finished track practice, and class had just let out. I was parked in the back parking lot, and I noticed a beautiful young lady struggling to get her Honda scooter started. The line was long exiting the parking lot, and lots of men were flirting and trying to help. While watching these interactions, I decided to get out and help. Touting my wavy hair and my lean and sexy track body, she couldn't say no. LOL.

Very experienced with her type of scooter, I asked if I could try to get it started. She obliged. I rolled down the hill trying to start it, and something told me to check the gas. Unbelievable. It was empty. Now this is the part where I need a do-over. I had her hold onto the passenger side window while I towed her halfway home. After realizing how bad that looked, I asked if she could drive a stick shift. We switched and I held onto the window until we got her home.

Three beautiful kids came out of this union: Rashawn, Loriana, and Sydney. I went on to become the Homecoming King, multiple student-of-the-month honors, lots of academic scholarships, extremely successful career at AT&T, founder of Carson 411 Facebook group with 9,900 members, and the owner of Legacy Garage Doors, Inc.

We Found ___ at DH

Angelica Jimenez Gutierrez found her husband at DH

How Two Toros Met and Fell in Love

Picture it. Spring semester, 2009. It's a beautiful day on the illustrious Cal State Dominguez Hills campus. Toros are bustling back and forth to make their first class of the semester, including a freshman student named Angie.

It's English 111 and as Angie enters the classroom, full of anticipation for the learning ahead, she notices a fellow Toro looking fine and as ready to learn as she was. At first glance, he definitely made an impression.

Deciding to shoot her shot, Angie sits right in front of him so he would notice her. Not one word of the lecture is heard as she tries hard to think of some sort of excuse to talk to him. She asks to borrow a pen, and if he could help her with her homework. She finds out this fellow Toro's name is Richard — and she's smitten.

Some flirtatious banter is exchanged back and forth, and that continues on for several months, even after the semester ends. The two discover a mutual love for classic cars, television shows, and wrestling — on top of their love to learn at CSUDH, of course.

To close out their freshman year with a bang in that summer of 2009, Richard asks Angie to be his girlfriend. The Toros start their love journey and 10 years later, in the summer of 2019, they tied the knot and committed to be Toros together forever, as husband and wife.

Now, after almost 14 years of dates, study sessions, and working in education, the two Toros have traveled through 10 states and two countries, purchased their dream home, and introduced three furry pups to their family — who of course, also root for the Toros in between chew toys.

The two are forever grateful to their alma mater for bringing them together. Go Toros!

We Found ___ at DH

Mark Kerr found his wife at DH

Paola and I met in the Game Room at the Loker Student Union playing Dance Dance Revolution. We supported each other through ups and down to earn our degrees at CSUDH. We have both acted in CSUDH plays together and helped advise student organizations. We both found careers at CSUDH, got married at CSUDH, and now live on campus at CSUDH! Paola and I would love for all CSUDH to celebrate our 10-year anniversary in 2024!

We Found ___ at DH

Sabrina Hernandez found her husband and soulmate at DH

Jose and I met through the on-campus organization Latino Student Business Association (LSBA). He started at CSUDH in the fall of 2013 and joined LSBA in the spring of 2014 as a member. That year, I was the fundraising director for one of our fundraisers, the LSBA Rose Sale. I was tabling on the east walkway for pre-sales. A student named Noel comes up to me and asks about the rose sale. As we talk, here comes Jose. He starts helping me sell a bouquet to Noel. He is "hyping" up how much a bouquet of roses will mean to someone. At the end, Noel ends up buying a bouquet of roses. I started wondering why this guy was helping a stranger. After Noel leaves, I introduce myself to Jose and find out that he is a member of LSBA. It then made sense, and I thanked him for his help. To this day, he is the same selfless person always there to help someone or a group of people.

Over the next couple weeks, Jose and I would see each other at LSBA-related events. During a softball game, I saw him by himself. I went up to him and we started talking about CSUDH, LSBA, and personal life. He told me how he was part of KDHR, which was an on-site radio station that DH had. At the time, it was located under the "old" library. I then told him how I worked in the computer lab that was just across from the KDHR room. We both learned new things about one another but kept it casual.

Months pass and we talk more. During that summer we grew closer. Jose, myself, and my current best friend, Roxy (who I also met through LSBA) ended up hanging out all summer long. You can say we became the dynamic trio. All three of us still attended DH the next academic year, and we all became LSBA E-board members. Even though Jose graduated in 2015, a year before me, he always helped me throughout my entire time there in ways no one will probably ever understand.

Fast forward nearly nine years. We’re now married and trying to start a family. We’ve traveled together and have started business ventures together. We’ll soon be moving into our first home together. We continue to support each other in our careers and have been each other’s rock. We even have a close circle of friends with whom we regularly hang out. We all met through LSBA and/or through Jose!

We Found ___ at DH

Olympia Crawford found her husband at DH

Our story began in 2015. I had just transferred to CSUDH from Riverside City College, where I was having a hard time deciding on what I wanted to do with my future. After enrolling in a graphic design course, I found my true passion and redirected my focus on transferring to the Art and Design program at CSUDH. Immediately, I began to thrive in school and found an amazing opportunity to work on campus doing web and graphic design for the Loker Student Union.

On my second day on the job, I noticed a handsome gentleman walking toward me. As he got closer, I was a little embarrassed because I realized he wasn't walking toward me, but to the office paper shredder just to my left. I noticed him and he noticed me, but we both played coy to see who would make the first move. He kept coming to the shredder, so I thought maybe he wanted to talk to me. On his third trip, he said, "Hi, my name is Chris, are you new here?" After I responded, he charmingly told me that he was one of the Student Assistant Building Managers on staff.

This was the conversation that changed the trajectory of my life. In this brief chat, I learned that we were the same age, grew up in the same area, were high school rivals, both had West Indian parents, and went to RCC at the same time. I had never met someone that I had so much in common with and felt like I had known forever. I went home that night and told my roommates, "I think I met my husband today."

Four years later, we got married. We had a beautiful winter wedding and, when we said our vows, both of us mentioned the paper shredder that changed our lives. A year after that we had a son, and currently have another baby on the way. CSUDH is such an integral part of our story. We are both working in the field that we went to school for and have friends that we're still very close with today. I found my person at CSUDH, which has flourished into a beautiful love, life, and family we share today.