Gregg Brilliant

B.A., Public Relations, 1988

Greg Brilliant

Gregg Brilliant is a freelance unit publicist, who has served filmmakers, movie studios, executives and independent production companies with impactful campaigns for films shooting on locations throughout the world. As a unit publicist, Gregg has worked on a variety of films, including “Kong: Skull Island” for Warner Bros; Jon Favreau’s adaptation of “The Jungle Book” for Disney; Ang Lee’s “Life of Pi,” for 20th Century Fox; and “Better Call Saul,” the acclaimed prequel to “Breaking Bad,” for AMC and Sony International Television.

Early in his career, Gregg joined the publicity team at Paramount and found his niche editing still photography during the pre-digital era.  Over the next two decades, he served the studio’s slate of films as a publicist and elevated through the ranks to be named Vice President of National Publicity.  During his years at Paramount, Gregg was an integral part of the studio team launching hundreds of successful campaigns of all genres, ranging from the SNL, MTV, and Nickelodeon's branded movies to James Cameron’s “Titanic.”