Jonny Martinez

Undergraduate Student in Biology
2018 Jamina O. Barnes Memorial Scholarship Recipient

headshot of 2018 Alumni Scholarship recipient Johnny Martinez

The adoration Jonny Martinez has for his mother is evident in his life’s mission: finding better medical procedures to treat pain. Jonny grew up admiring the tireless work of his mother, who endured great physical pain while striving to provide for her family day in and day out. She is the inspiration guiding him to pursue his goal in medicine. Emulating her willingness to push through extreme pain, Jonny found an eagerness to improve on himself through his studies. As evidenced by his counselors and teachers, he sought their advice to better himself through constant communication. He is an active member of the Male Success Alliance and is willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. He plans to attend medical school to research and improve methods for pain and stress relief for those experiencing similar ailments from rigorous manual labor.

When informed of his scholarship, Martinez said, "I want to thank the alumni and staff who provide scholarships to economically help students in need. With the scholarship, I will now be relieved from the stress of paying for housing at CSUDH. I can now focus more on my education and continue to succeed."