Sarah Lacy

Sarah Lacy

College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences

Department of Anthropology

Associate Professor



Dr. Sarah A Lacy received her Ph.D. in Biological Anthropology from Washington University in St Louis in 2014 and was a member of the University of Missouri-St. Louis faculty for three years before coming to California State University Dominguez Hills.


Dr. Lacy teaches Introduction to Biological Anthropology (ANT 101), Human Variation (ANT 355), Human Osteology (ANT 352), Biological Anthropology (ANT 354), and Forensic Anthropology (ANT 353), as well as developing new courses in human reproductive biology, evolutionary medicine, and Paleolithic archaeology.


Dr. Lacy’s research explores differential frequencies of caries, periodontal disease, and antemortem tooth loss in Neandertals and early modern humans across Europe and Southwest Asia, in the context of their prevalences among recent humans. Oral diseases documented via visual, microscopic and radiographic methods reveal more than just oral health, but also information about overall health, diet, environment, and disease susceptibility in an individual as well as broader demographic interpretations. Exploring a health problem documented in early humans, and thus providing a deep time evolutionary perspective, helps to contextualize what is known about oral health today including the origins of differential global health. Her latest project will take this research perspective to the final and post-glacial period of Europe to look at the relationship between climatic instability, diet, oral health, and population mobility. These research expertises translate to teaching interests in biological anthropology, human health and evolution, and human-environment interactions. 

For examples of her biological anthropology community outreach, see her personal website ( and her Instagram Hot Hominin of the Day @hothomininotd

If you are interested in Neanderthals or Paleolithic archaeology, Dr. Lacy is helping to organize a field school focused on the Middle Paleolithic history of North Macedonia. Due to pandemic restrictions, our first field season will be summer 2022: 

Dr Sarah Lacy is the director of DH Human Health and Osteology Lab. If you are interested in working on a project in the lab, please reach out via email (