(Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement)

This is to inform you about the CSUDH proctored distance learning Graduation Writing Examination (GWE). If you have met this requirement, please disregard this announcement.

One of the requirements for the award of degree from California State University campus is demonstration of writing competency. This demonstration is assessed through the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR).

GWAR cannot be met by a lower-division writing course. CSO Applied Studies upper–division transfer students should plan to complete the GWAR requirement as soon as possible but no later than the third term.

Satisfying the GWAR requirement is a prerequisite for APS 490 enrollment and graduation. Not completing this requirement in a timely fashion may affect your ability to enroll and/or progress to degree.

Information about GWAR/ GWE is available at

Ways to Satisfy GWAR

  • GWE – Graduation Writing Examination
    See below for distance learning proctored GWE option

    GWE is a 60 minute, proctored essay examination that is scored by a panel of CSUDH writing instructors (not Applied Studies department). For complete information about the GWE, visit Admitted distance students may complete GWE at a remote location with an approved proctor(see below for getting started with the GWE distance learning exam.)

    Please refer to the CSUDH Testing Office web site for information about registering for the GWE administered on campus

  • GWAR Certifying Course

    Advanced Composition Course (ENG 350) is regularly offered on campus by the CSUDH English Department

  • Applied Studies Program offers a 12-week ENG 350 online in summer only

    ENG 350 Composition Cooperative exam is administered at the end of ENG 350 and counts for 25% of the grade

  • Transfer Certification

    Students who have satisfied the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) at another CSU campus in 1984 or later but prior to matriculation at CSU Dominguez Hills may petition for exemption from repeating the requirement at CSUDH. Students must complete a petition for exemption at the Testing Office ( Attach a copy of the certifying test score or a copy of an official transcript and Catalog description of the coursework.

Distance Learning Proctored GWE —
Offered Fall, Spring and Summer

If you wish to participate in the distance learning proctored GWE, the first step is to identify an appropriate proctor. The proctor agreement form below indicates general qualifications for a proctor. (A separate blank proctor form can be emailed to you as an attachment if you request it. Or go to and click on the Proctor Agreement Form link in upper right hand. When a proctor is identified and the form is signed, email or FAX the proctor form: Fax 310-516-4423 - Attn: K. Cooper, or email The original proctor form should then be mailed to Extended Education.

  1. GWE directions and a packet of forms will be sent to an approved proctor, including the essay topic for the GWE from the Testing office.
  2. You may take the GWE with an approved proctor during the period listed above.
  3. Student and proctor arrange the date.

Important information about GWAR and test-taking tips for the GWE are available at University Testing Center website at

You are strongly advised to review the helpful GWE Tips Power Point available at this web site.

If you have questions or to request a pdf or faxed proctor agreement form, contact rre-admission advising, at 310-243-3646 or 866-278-6789 or

Proctor Form is also available at (click on Proctor Agreement Form in table on top of page).

Important Dates & Deadlines

For dates and deadlines for proctor agreement forms, examinations and other deadlines, contact 310-243-3646 or 866-278-6789 or

Here is the proctor agreement form in pdf format. Students can now enter their information and print the form to sign. All fields must be completed.

Who Can Be A Proctor?

An examination proctor must be a professional such as librarian, military officer, college or university testing officer, or local high school or college faculty member. Student may have a proctor who is employed at their place of business, as long as the proctor is not the student’s direct supervisor. The work place proctor must hold a managerial/supervisory capacity such as the Human Resources Manager or a Test Officer. Spouses, parents, other relatives, friend, colleagues, and fellow CSUDH students are not acceptable proctors.

The CSUDH Testing Office approves the following to serve as proctors:

  • College and university professional testing staff /testing offices
  • Full-time school or public librarian
  • Guidance counselor/counseling staff
  • Full-time teacher (university, college, secondary level) – see the restriction below
  • School superintendent, principal, vice principal, or other administrator
  • Embassy education officer
  • Military base/station education officer
  • Employer’s Human resources manager or testing officer

The following are not allowed to serve as proctors:

  • Relative or friend with whom the student has a personal, fraternal or business relationship including spouse, parents, colleagues, and fellow CSUDH students
  • Direct manager or supervisor
  • Teacher or tutor for the student (past or present)
  • Ecclesiastical leader
  • Athletic coach, including assistant coaches

Please note that these guidelines have been set forth by the university to ensure secure, ethical, and standardized exam administrations required for university accreditation.

Students who have difficulty securing a proctor may contact another CSU Testing Office or utilize the National College Testing Association Consortium, (

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