College Transition Collaborative

California State University, Dominguez Hills is in partnership with the College Transition Collaborative (CTC) at Stanford University as a pioneering member of the NSF-Funded Extension of the CTC Social Belonging Project. This opportunity has been made possible by a 2017 National Science Foundation grant awarded to CTC and Project PI’s: Mary Murphy, Christine Logel, Nick Bowman, and Greg Walton.

Logos of CSUDH, ColCollege Transition Collaborative and Stanford University

This project is one part of our broader efforts to support all students in making an effective transition to college life. CTC partners with colleges and universities to develop scientifically proven approaches that place the student experience at the center of institutional programs and practices by bringing together pioneering social psychologists, education researchers, and higher education practitioners to create learning environments that produce more equitable higher education outcomes.

This opportunity offers the chance to leverage our existing investment in the Social Belonging intervention to discover additional long-term and STEM-specific benefits that may be accruing to our students as a function of the intervention implemented at our university.

What is the College Transition Collaborative?

What is the College Transition Collaborative? View YouTube Video on CTC  Website

What Our Institution Will Receive

  • Continued learning about how your investment in the CTC Social Belonging Intevention has influenced your students' academic and STEM-specific outcomes over time--including academic progress and completion rates
  • NSF-funded institutional stipend of $3,000 in gratitude for your continued partnership
  • Access to the final compiled dataset for your institution to explore any other questions your institution or faculty may have
  • Reports regarding how the intervention has influenced your students' STEM-specific outcomes (performance in STEM classes, persistrence in STEM majors), and long-term academic progress and performance