DH First-Year Experience

Participation in Dominguez Hills First-Year Experience has significant positive effects on students’ successful transition to college and continued academic success!

The university assigns a high priority to a student’s first year of college because the first year establishes an essential foundation for a successful educational experience. The Dominguez Hills First-Year Experience supports every first-year freshmen student as they make CSUDH their home and strives to build a community of engaged student learners who value academic excellence, and intellectual and personal development.

First-Year of an exciting educational journey.

DHFYE will set the foundation for a collegiate experience full of academic opportunity and personal growth. The program helps students find their place at CSUDH, develop academic, self-management, and critical thinking skills; engage in career planning and major/career exploration; and experience diversity, inclusion, and a global perspective.

DHFYE participant benefits include:

Holistic Academic Advising

Every first year student is appointed an Academic Advisor who assists in connecting them to essential campus resources and offers interactive workshops. For continued academic success, each first year student will have advising appointments during the summer and throughout the academic year. Advisors incorporate active learning opportunities that help students identify their life goals and make meaning of course content. Advisors also, provide feedback and guidance to students selecting courses to optimize their time to degree completion. CSUDH has three offices dedicated to providing support to first-year students:

Toro Peer Coach/Mentor

CSUDH has developed a high-impact program focused on helping first-year students acclimate to university life by connecting them with knowledgeable highly trained peers. Guidance and support from a Peer Coach/Mentor greatly helps first-year students meet academic goals in an atmosphere of diversity and creativity. Each Peer Coach/Mentor has experience with life at Dominguez Hills such as taking advantage of our student support services, and are on the path to a successful future.

No-Cost Academic Support

CSUDH offers a variety of academic support for a variety of subjects through the Toro Learning & Testing Center and the Writing Center.

  • The Toro Learning and Testing Center (TLTC) offers free tutoring and Supplemental Instructions. Tutors provide support in a variety of subjects such as, but not limited to, math, science, and the humanities. All students need to get started is their CSUDH ID card and contact the center in person, LIB C 121, or by phone, 310-243-3827. For more information, please visit the TLTC online.
  • The CSUDH Writing Center provides 30-minute 1-on-1 consultations with a trained Writing Associate or Writing Professional to support writers at any stage of the writing process for any course, department, or program. For more information please the Writing Center.

University Housing

University Housing provides a safe, inclusive living experience for CSUDH students that promotes independence, maximizes their educational experience, and facilitates their personal development. Students who live on campus report a better college experience. Convenient and affordable, living on campus means students will be part of a supported residential community that enjoys social activities, movie nights, and more. Living on campus allows students to become more connected and engaged with the campus community.

  •  Students must submit their Intent to Enroll and register for New Student Orientation before applying for housing
  •  Housing is assigned on a first-come, first served basis. Online housing applications are available from March 16th to May 15th
  • To complete the housing application, students must pay the Housing Application Fee of $30 online at my.csudh.edu
  •  Students will receive a notification if a space is available and will be asked to submit a $300 Security Deposit to reserve their place in Housing

For more information about University Housing:


Please contact Ayesha Marcel amarcel@csudh.edu for fall semester University Housing availability and options.

First Year Seminar (FYS)

The First-Year Seminars will deeply enrich and connect first-year students to core ideas in new disciplines with a passionate and caring doctoral-trained professor. Professors will discuss debate and engage with students in a smaller intimate classroom setting. Students will be able to have deeper conversations and hands-on activities to explore and discuss topics of mutual interest. Moreover, students will have the opportunity to hone their critical thinking, writing, and oral communication skills. The seminars promote meaningful peer-to-peer interactions and close faculty-to-student mentorship. This course is a high-touch and High Impact Practice (HIP).

New Student Convocation

New Student Convocation is a formal ceremony followed by a celebration where the university welcomes all new (first year and transfer) students to campus. Convocation commemorates the beginning of each student’s Dominguez Hills journey by addressing the importance of building community, belongingness, and getting involved on campus. The campus community demonstrates their commitment to students by providing academic insight, inspirational unity, community nurture, and campus pride. After the ceremony, students can experience fun interactive activities, receive free food and navigate the Academic Showcase. At the showcase, students are able to connect with students, faculty and staff in academic, co-curricular opportunities and resources.

High-Impact student experience that begins in the summer!

The university has developed a high-impact summer program focused on helping first-time freshmen adjust to university life while fulfilling course requirements and receiving academic support to ensure early academic success in key courses.

Getting started has become even more affordable. All first-time freshmen have the opportunity to accelerate their time to graduation by taking a summer course!