PHI 101: Values and Society

Dominguez Hills
First Year Experience

DHFYE Summer 2019

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Lissa McCullough

Dr. Lissa McCullough
Philosophy Department
Faculty Information

Course Description:

This course explores how values shape our individual identities and also broader social mores. In the first half we address personal values such as individual freedom, independent judgment, personal responsibility, and inner moral conscience. By the middle of the course we enlarge our scope to consider social and global values: issues of race and gender, wealth inequality, global climate change, species extinction, and other current topics selected by the class. We ponder how diverse values compete in contemporary society; how an individual’s values can be in tension or conflict with societal values; and yet how society and the individual can keep each other from straying toward detrimental extremes. Students are assigned discussion-leadership roles, small-group discussions, short reflection papers, and formal writing assignments in addition to a midterm and a take-home final exam. The course provides a well-balanced and student-friendly immersion in college level work. 


Dr. Lissa McCullough has taught philosophy at CSUDH since Fall 2014. She is author of The Religious Philosophy of Simone Weil (London: I. B. Tauris, 2014); she has edited several books and published many articles in philosophy and religious studies. 

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