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First-time Transfer Students
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Dominguez Hills Transfer Learning Community serves as a bridge for transfer students by providing supportive connections and resources needed for their ultimate success.

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First-Year of an exciting educational journey.

#DHTLC or Dominguez Hills Transfer Learning Community, will continue to strengthen the collegiate experience of our transfer students by helping them find their place at CSUDH, develop academic, self-management, and critical thinking skills; engage in career planning and major/career exploration; experience diversity, inclusion, and a global perspective.

#DHTLC Participant Benefits Include:

  • Comprehensive Advising beginning at the Community College
  • Opportunity to take a CSUDH Upper-Division G.E. course through Cross-Enrollment
  • Early access to their Major Department Advisor
  • The opportunity to attend Transitional Enrichment Workshops
  • Transfer Peer Coach

Participation in the Dominguez Hills Transfer Learning Community has significant positive effects on students’ successful transition to their campus and continued academic success!

This program was created with the vision of expanding institutional support for underrepresented students, and to serve as a bridge for first-time transfer students as they acclimate to their campus environment. The university community of faculty, staff, and various departments will work alongside one another to provide students with the support that is needed for their ultimate success as a new TORO.

California State University, Dominguez Hills is a catalyst for transforming the lives of our students. We hold ourselves accountable for the programing we do, and are committed to your academic and career success. Charge On!

Be a part of the Dominguez Hills
Transfer Learning Community (#DHTLC)

CSUDH students

Students must meet current CSUDH Admission requirements in effect at the time of application.
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Initial Advising. It all starts at the
Community College

Academic Advisors play a central role in addressing barriers for transfer students!

Most college students have or will, experience barriers that can make persistence and degree completion difficult. Transfer Students are a unique population in that they must learn how to navigate institutional barriers at least twice, once at their initial institution and then again when they transfer. Academic Advisors at the university level play an important role in helping students address and overcome any potential barriers at the institution.

Students interested in participating must:

  • Be interested in transferring to CSUDH
  • Be in the process of completing their AA-T/AS-T or CSU General Education Certification
  • Have all minimum CSU transfer eligibility requirements complete


Advisors will begin the initial advisement process, which will allow students to become familiar with CSUDH, Advisors, and academic policies and procedures. This opportunity will also allow Advisors to:

  • Promote CSUDH
  • Identify students interested in transferring to CSUDH
  • Work alongside Counselors/Faculty to identify students interested in becoming GE and SB 1440 Certified
  • Start developing rapport with our prospective students
  • Host workshops on the Toro Transfer Process


Students will obtain information regarding the cross-enrollment process, and the benefits of taking an Upper-Division General Education Course. Advisors will identify students who:

  • Are serious about attending CSUDH
  • Have completed the Golden Four (English, Critical Thinking, Speech, Mathematics)
  • Have completed minimum transfer requirements
  • Students who are AA-T/AS-T or CSU General Education Certification

Advisors will provide students with the forms necessary to take courses at CSUDH during the Spring semester.


Advisors will work with Community College Counselors to:

  • Review student records to verify all pre-requisites have been met
  • Ensure Cross-Enrollment applications are certified at the home campus
  • Collect all necessary documents pertaining to the Cross-Enrollment application, and turn them into the host campus Admissions and Records Department

We are committed to your
academic and career goals.

Proactive advising and workshops keep students on track toward graduation!

Every #DHTLC student will start off with two summer advising appointments. For continued academic success, each transfer student will also have additional advising appointments during the academic year: one in the fall and one in the spring semester.

Advisors incorporate high impact practices that engage our students, connect them to essential campus resources and faculty, create active learning opportunities that help students identify their life goals and make meaning of course content and its application to real life, and provide feedback and guidance to students selecting courses to be intentional with their time at CSUDH.

Fall Workshops

#DHTLC participants will be given the opportunity to attend interactive workshops that are designed to assist in the transition from the Community College to the university. Topics will include:

  • Transfer Shock/Adjustment: What is it?
  • Demystifying Transfer Myths
  • Who Needs a Liberal Education? Why?
  • Navigating the Student Portal
  • Faculty Connection: Your key to a successful educational journey
  • The Ins and Outs of General Education Requirements: Why visit the UAC
  • Campus Policies 101
  • Getting Engaged with Student Life and Leadership Development
  • Connecting to Campus Resources
  • Time Management/Study Skills
  • Social Media Literacy
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Academic Communication

CSUDH Currently has Partnerships with the following Community Colleges:

  • Cerritos College
  • Los Angeles City College
  • East Los Angeles College
  • Los Angeles Harbor College
  •  El Camino College
  • El Camino College Compton Center
  • Los Angeles Southwest College
  • Long Beach City College
  • Los Angeles Trade Technical College
  • Rio Hondo College
  • West Los Angeles College