Transfer Peer Coaches

Hello, transfer students, and welcome to Dominguez Hills! We are pleased to be with you in this new and exciting journey of your college career. This new chapter in your life begins today and we are sure you will thrive. These next few years of your college journey can be whatever you decide to make of them. So, let’s make the best of them! You are the captain of your ship and you can steer it in whichever direction you desire. The DHTLC team is here to help you succeed during the time you’re at Dominguez Hills. The best of luck and stay in touch.

One of the benefits of our program is our Transfer Peer Coaches/Mentors (TPCs). Having transferred from different institutions our TPCs are students that have experienced the transfer process, and have undergone trainings to be a valuable resource to you here at CSUDH. Our TPCs will be checking in with you regularly throughout the semester to make sure that your needs are met and your questions are answered to the best of their ability. If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact them.

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Meet Your Transfer Peer Coaches/Mentors

Naomi Gutierrez, Transfer Pear Coach

Noemi Gutierrez

Hi! My name is Noemi Gutierrez and I am a Transfer Peer Academic Coach for the DH Transfer Learning Community (#DHTLC). Some of my hobbies include bonding with my fur baby and photography. I transferred from Cerritos College with an A.A.-T in Psychology. Currently, I am pursuing my Bachelor’s in Psychology and plan to graduate in May 2020. I transferred to CSUDH because it was the right fit for me. I started my transfer journey at UCLA but something did not feel right. The classes were too large and I wanted to attend a school where I was not just a number on someone’s roster. Being able to make eye contact with a professor and not following the typical classroom hierarchy is my favorite part about CSUDH; professors will treat you as their equal. I became a Peer Academic Coach because I understand how scary and overwhelming it can be when you start somewhere new. Charge on! Contact Noemi Gutierrez: Email

Alejandro Del Cid, Transfer Peer Coach

Alejandro Del Cid

Saludos a todos (Greetings to all), my name is Alejandro Del Cid and I am a Transfer Peer Academic Coach for the DH Transfer Learning Community (#DHTLC). I transferred from Los Angeles Valley College and am now pursuing my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. I am originally from the San Fernando Valley but since I wanted a change in scenery and to be in a place where I felt a sense of belonging, I came to DH. I have visited other universities, but none of them felt like home until I came to Dominguez Hills. I strongly felt I would succeed here. Being a first-generation student has been difficult since I did not have someone to really show me how to properly navigate college. I was a former member of the Dominguez Hills Transfer Learning Community (#DHTLC) and having peer coach support was one of the biggest benefits I received from DH. I now want to give back and provide that same support for my mentees. Charge on! Contact Alejandro Del Cid: Email

Sorendi Saldana, Transfer Peer Coach

Sorendi Saldana

My name is Sorendi Saldana and I am a Transfer Peer Academic Coach for the DH Transfer Learning Community (#DHTLC). I transferred from Rio Hondo College and earned an Associate degree in Psychology. I will be graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, Spring 2019. I transferred to CSUDH because I wanted to continue my education and challenge myself. As a first-generation college student, I hope to reach my goals and prove to future generations that if you put effort, anything is possible. CSUDH has offered me the resources and connections that have helped me throughout my first year at the university, additionally it is helping me evolve into a better person and student. I chose to become a Transfer Peer Academic Coach because as a transfer student myself I know how it feels to be part of a new school, lost, excited, and confused but being a former DHTLC member myself, has made me not only feel part of DH but also overall, confident. Charge on! Contact Sorendi Saldana: Email

Karla Ventura, Transfer Peer Coach

Karla Ventura

Hello, my name is Karla Ventura and I am a Transfer Peer Academic Coach for the DH Transfer Learning Community (#DHTLC). I transferred from Los Angeles Trade Technical College [LATTC]. I am earning my Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration, Spring 2019. I transferred to Dominguez Hills because I was given a second opportunity to go back to school. Dominguez Hills provides people the opportunity to explore resources, find a sense of belonging on campus and help you step out of your shell. I became a Transfer Peer Academic Coach with the intention of providing the same support and encouragement I received when I was a part of the program as a former DHTLC member myself. I want students to be aware they have someone in their corner rooting them on. Not all roads that you take are a straight line, but even then I want you to know that anything is possible if you set your mind to reaching your goals. Charge on! Contact Karla Ventura: Email

Aurelio Reyes Esparza, Transfer Peer Coach

Aurelio Reyes Esparza

My name is Aurelio Reyes Esparza. I am a first-generation college student and I am a Transfer Peer Academic Coach for the DH Transfer Learning Community (#DHTLC). I am a Sociology major and currently a senior at California State University, Dominguez Hills. I obtained my AA-T from El Camino College back in May 2013. My expected graduation date from CSUDH is May 2019! I decided to transfer to CSUDH because of the small class sizes, and the one-on-one interaction with advisors.  As a transfer student I felt lost, confused and felt as if I did not belong. However, after finding one-on-one counseling and using the resources that CSUDH provides I instantly fell in love. I understand the struggle of transferring from a Community College/University, so I want to ensure that my mentees have a smooth transition by guiding them throughout their first year!  I am eager to start connecting you all to the proper resources you need, and even more excited to begin working with you all. Charge on! Contact Aurelio Reyes Esparza: Email

Ana Maria Celis, Transfer Peer Coach

Ana Maria Celis

Hello, my name is Ana Maria Celis and I am a Transfer Peer Academic Coach for the Dominguez Hills Transfer Learning Community (#DHTLC). I transferred to CSUDH in Fall of 2017 from Cerritos College and I will be earning my Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice Administration, Spring 2019. I transferred to CSUDH because the campus is diverse and I knew it would make me feel at home and it did! The best thing about CSUDH is that I have met and connected with other students who have the same background as myself and, most of all, I finally have the college experience I have always wanted. I chose to become a Transfer Peer Academic Coach to support the transition of first-year transfer students to the university and to be the guide and connection to everything our campus has to offer. Charge on! Contact Ana Maria Celis: Email