Sophomore Experience

Toro California Promise Finish in Four Scholars Program

The CSUDH Toro California Promise Finish in Four Scholars Program, which began in fall 2016, fully supports freshmen that will have completed 30 academic units toward degree completion prior to beginning their sophomore year. Students who choose the Toro California Promise Finish in Four Scholars Program will be offered the courses they need to complete their bachelor’s degrees in four academic years. From the time they step onto the California State University, Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) campus until their graduation they will participate in relevant and meaningful academic experiences, leadership and professional development opportunities.

Toro California Promise Finish in Four Scholars Program

The first year of the program is focused on and devoted to building a strong academic foundation and intentional connection to their faculty, advisors, and peers. Engagement in campus activities and leadership opportunities are also facilitated for students in the first year, with a more intentional focus on student engagement in extra-curricular activities being introduced in the second, third, and fourth years. These programs and services are delivered through freshman student participation in Dominguez Hills First-Year Experience (#DHFYE). All interested and eligible DHFYE freshmen will apply to participate.

Student development and campus engagement beyond the first year of college is critical to long-term retention and graduation. With targeted advising, a clear 4-year plan, connection to academic supports & civic engagement opportunities, as well as career development, Toro California Promise Scholars will build skills, develop relationships and participate in numerous high-impact practices that will lead to student success. The strong foundation students built as participants in the DHFYE will continue to be cultivated through their role as Toro California Promise Scholars  as they engage in HIPs while also participating as mentors and role models for the next DHFYE freshman cohort.

Toro California Promise Finish in Four Scholars Program Application

Thank you for your interest in the Toro California Promise Finish in Four Scholarships Program. If you have any questions, please email Stephanie Flores at or call the University Advisement Center at (310) 243-3672.

Toro California Promise Scholars Benefits and Commitment


For students who choose to participate in the Toro California Promise Finish in Four Scholars Program at CSUDH offers a wide variety of benefits including:

  • The exact courses students both need and want to finish their degree programs in four years;
  • Individualized tutoring for all of their courses;
  • Holistic/Developmental academic advising for all four years on campus;
  • A unique opportunity to participate in campus-wide leadership activities, research opportunities, service learning, and student organizations from the second year forward;
  • Priority registration every semester;
  • Individual mentorship and guidance from CSUDH faculty.


Students who choose the Toro California Promise Finish in Four Scholars Program agree to:

  • Complete 30 units each year over the fall, spring and summer terms;
  • Take required courses when they are offered, regardless of day and time;
  • Meet with an expert team of academic advisors (college specialist and major advisor) every semester;
  • Maintain a 2.5 or above GPA in cumulative and major GPAs;
  • Participate in unique campus activities that build leadership and employment skills.  Leadership activities will include:
    • Information Literacy
    • Peer Coaching
    • Civic engagement
    • Join one club
    • Co-host an event for freshmen
    • An opportunity to complete an aspirational resume
  • Participate in graduate program and career preparation activities and opportunities.

Every Semester

  • Meet with your advisor each February and September
  • Update your 4 year plan and have your faculty and college specialist review it with you
  • Successfully complete 30 academic units per year
  • Visit the Learning Center & attend your Professors' office hours
  • Participate with the Center for Service Learning, Internships, & Civic Engagement (SLICE)
  • Visit the Career Services website to find a job on campus and to identify upcoming career events
  • Get involved and participate in campus activities
  • Finish each semester in good academic standing

First Year: 0-29 hours

  • Participate in the Dominguez Hills First-Year Experience
  • Take a Freshman Seminar (UNV 101) Course
  • Attend Freshman Convocation
  • Talk with parents, friends, professors, and advisors about your career plans
  • Participate in the Dominguez Hills Community Service Day
  • Attend Career Center Fairs (Career Fair, Graduate School Fair, etc.)
  • Participate in Information Literacy Workshop in the Library
  • Identify and work with two faculty from majors of interest 

Sophomore Year: 30-59 hours

  • Declare your major (if not already declared)
  • Participate in the Aspirational Resume Workshop at the Career Center
  • Investigate opportunities for study abroad
  • Join the club sponsored by your major
  • If eligible, apply to participate in McNair Scholars Program, PEGS, MBRS RISE, MARC U STAR

Junior Year: 60-89 hours

  • Seek a position of leadership in a student club or organization
  • Drop off a résumé at Career Services for critiquing
  • Study abroad (optional)
  • Participate in a High Impact Practice: Undergraduate Research & Service Learning opportunities
  • Apply for an internship: test your career choice through hands-on experience
  • Attend Career Center's Graduate School Fair
  • Research graduate schools
  • Apply for graduation

Senior Year: 90-120 hours

  • Participate in a High Impact Practice: Undergraduate Research & Service Learning
  • Drop off a résumé and cover letter at Career Services for critiquing
  • Develop a list of targeted employers and send out résumés and cover letters
  • Attend a Career Fair and/or mock interviews
  • Begin interviewing with employers or go for a second interview
  • Attend Career Center's Graduate School Fair
  • Take graduate school entrance exams and send out graduate school applications
  • Secure a job or admission to graduate school
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