College Transition Collaborative

California State University, Dominguez Hills is a College Transition Collaborative (CTC) partner! The CTC brings together pioneering social psychologists, education researchers and higher education practitioners to create, evaluate, and disseminate mindset interventions that help students. The goal is to promote college persistence and achievement with these interventions, especially among disadvantaged students. Visit the CTC website to learn more. For more information about the program and post-intervention reports, please email Bridget Driscoll, AVP of Retention, University Academic Advisement & Learning at

7% Gain in Graduation Rates Graph (following are details in table)

Graduation Rates (7% Gain)

Graduation Rates (7% Gain)
Cohort4 - Year (Spring)4 - Year (Summer)4.5 - Year (Fall)5 - Year (Spring)5.5 - Year (Summer)5.5 - Year (Fall)6 - Year (Spring)6 - Year (Summer)
2008 Cohort
(883 Students)
209 Cohort
(1069 Students)
2010 Cohort
(980 Students)
2011 Cohort
(1100 Students)
2012 Cohort
(1133 Students)