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Welcome to the OpenGov CSUDH Fiscal Transparency Portal

In an effort to provide more fiscal transparency, the budget office has partnered with OpenGov to provide a web-based financial transparency tool that dynamically presents the University’s revenues and expenses. This information is displayed in various graphical formats that can be selected by the user. By clicking on the image above or the link below, faculty, staff, students, and other interested community members can use the OpenGov platform to access CSUDH financial information.

To access OpenGov, visit

CSUDH finances are structured on a fiscal year basis, beginning on July 1st. OpenGov Navigation Tips [PDF] and an FAQ [PDF] are provided below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the University Budget Office at

What is OpenGov?

Founded in 2012, with headquarters in Silicon Valley, OpenGov transforms the way governments allow their constituencies to analyze, share, and compare financial information. With more than 1,000 governmental customers across 47 states, OpenGov is the market leader in cloud-based financial transparency and shared reporting for government. The OpenGov financial analysis platform visualizes complex financial data in intuitive, interactive reports that make it easy to see how funds are collected and spent. With OpenGov technology, CSUDH can more effectively share budget and expense information and thus build trust through greater transparency. 

Maintaining fiscal data on OpenGov’s Platform enables CSUDH to provide campus and external users the ability to:

  • View, in graphical format, finance data from all educational and enterprise activities
  • View revenue from all sources and how that revenue is expended
  • Track year-to-date revenue and expenses by funds, department, division, or activity
  • View historical revenue and expenditure trends over time
  • Create custom views of data specific to the user’s interests 

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