Dean of the College of Arts & Humanities        

Dean Mitch Avila

Mitch Avila, Ph.D.
Library Bldg. (North Wing), 5th floor, Suite 5090
(310) 243-3389


Welcome to the College of Arts and Humanities!

Our faculty and staff have created a vibrant intellectual setting in which to pursue the core mission of California State University, Dominguez Hills: transformative regional leadership through scholarship and the arts. We value quality and academic achievement in a venue that promotes access and celebrates diversity.

Students in the Arts and Humanities discover a lifelong commitment to critical thinking, research, and independent thought in a framework that values the plurality of human experience. This broad training includes not only oral and written communication, but also an appreciation of how the arts and the liberal sciences contribute to a full human life. Equally important, many of our academic programs are committed to social justice and strive to prepare students to advance our common interest in a just and equitable society for all persons.

To borrow from Plato, the beautiful, the true, the good, and the real are, in the end, one and the same. As Dean of the College, I am fortunate to witness each day how our diverse disciplines all raise the human spirit and expand our common welfare. Our faculty and courses of student provide students with an education that is rooted in tradition but flexible enough to adapt to the demands of a changing world.

Whether you are a prospective student, potential faculty and staff, or a member of the community, I invite you to join us on an exciting search for what is just, true, and real. You won't regret it!

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