Petition for Exception

Petition for Exception

The Petition for Exception form can be found at the links below or in the Records and Registration Office, WH 290. College of Business Administration and Public Policy students, may follow the steps below to submit a Petition for Exception.

  1. Student prints the Petition for Exception form or picks up the form in Records and Registration, WH 290.
  2. Student goes to the cashier, pays a $10 processing fee, and has the Petition for Exception form stamped “Paid”
  3. Student acquires instructor's signatures, in-person or via email, on the Petition for Exception form. If the student is adding or dropping classes, student must also request the instructor's signature on the Add/Drop form
  4. Student delivers the Paid Petition form along with ALL supporting documentation to the CBAPP Undergraduate Advisement Center in SBS A319. (Supporting documentation may include: completed Change of Program: Add/Drop Form, a typed explanation of request on a separate sheet, dated hospital records, a dated physician’s letter on his/her letterhead, police records, a death certificate, dated letters from employers on letterhead, etc.)
  5. Student support staff acquires signatures from Department Chair, and/or Associate Dean
  6. Student support staff submits the petition and all supporting documentation to Admissions and Records for processing
  7. The student's packet is reviewed by the SAPAC committee
  8. Students are notified of the decision through their campus ToroMail email

Change of Program: Add/Drop Form

Petition for Exception Form

Students requesting assistance throughout this process may contact the CBAPP Undergraduate Advisement Center in SBS A319, or by phone (310) 243-3548.


Student Academic Petitions Appeals Committee (SAPAC)

The SAPAC committee reviews students' petitions the third Tuesday of each month during the spring and fall semesters. Typically in January there is no meeting. Once the committee has met, it takes about two weeks for processing and students are then notified by mail with the results.