The Internship Program of the College of Business Administration and Public Policy is a structured program where students gain practical experience with a participating firm/organization or governmental agency while being compensated and earning academic credit. Generally, the internship will last for one semester and requires an academic component which may include learning objectives, a learning contract, and journal/reflection component and evaluation forms.

What is an Internship?                                                           

An internship is:

  • May offer academic credit upon completion- please contact CBAPP Internship Coordinator for Assistance

 What are the Benefits of Internship?

Internships provide an opportunity to:

  • Explore career options related to one’s major, interests, values, career goals and skills
  • Gather insight into a particular industry or organizational culture
  • Develop related work experience, skills and apply classroom learning
  • Meet other professionals in the field of interest and build a network of contacts

What an Internship is NOT:

An internship should not be:

  • Primarily clerical or unskilled labor
  • An experience that has students running errands, ordering coffee etc.
  • An experience with no goals, objectives, projects
  • An unguided/unsupervised experience

How to be successful during your Internship Experience  

  • Set goals for yourself – Allows you to have a sense of direction, clear understanding of what you will learn once this internship is completed, draw connections between your academic coursework and your future career interests.
  • Be sure to communicate with your supervisor and ask for what you need –Ask questions when you have them and clarification when you need it.  Update your supervisor on progress you make or roadblocks you run into, and communicate regularly with him/her.
  • Show interest in the work you are doing- Take initiative
  • Be professional, positive and productive – Arrive at your internship on time, dressed in clothes appropriate for the setting. Be a positive and friendly presence in the office.
  • Do NOT use your cellphone or use companies computer to check your personal emails/social media

After your Internship

  • Be sure to say "thank you" to your colleagues and supervisors on your last day
  • Provide a thank you note or gift, as you see appropriate
  • Include this experience in your resume, your resume should always be up-to-date