CBAPP Internship Program

CBAPP Internship Program & Forms

The Internship Program of the College of Business Administration and Public Policy is a structured program where students gain practical experience with a participating firm/organization or governmental agency while being compensated and earning academic credit. Generally, the internship will last for one semester and requires an academic component which may include learning objectives, a learning contract, journal/reflection component and evaluation forms.


The goals of the Internship Program are to:

  • Combine theory with practice by identifying/developing career-related work experiences that enhance classroom study.
  • Develop student maturity, responsibility and independence.
  • Improve student interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Increase student motivation to excel in the classroom, workplace and in life.
  • Improve the retention rate of students within CBAPP.
  • Provide employers with a qualified source of pre-professional personnel available year-round.
  • Strengthen the relationship and heighten cooperation between industry and academia.


Internships are available to Business, Criminal Justice and Public Administration students. Course availability varies each semester so check the CSUDH Class Schedule for current information or contact the Internship Coordinator.


BUS 496 Business Administration Internship (3)

Prerequisites: Upper division status and consent of Internship Coordinator.

Note that all concentrations under Business Administration will be in the BUS 496 Internship Course.

Under direction of the Internship Coordinator, students work in a business organization applying skills and knowledge learned in the classroom. CR/NC grading. Repeatable course. Email to have your internship opportunity approved


CJA 496 Internship Practicum (3)

Prerequisite: Consent of department chair.

Supervised internship in a public, non-profit, or law enforcement agency.  A written project related to the internship experience is required. CR/NC.

*Students enrolled in the CJA 496 course, please read the CJA 496 Internship Enrollment Process for further instructions on how to enroll into this course. Log into to access Handshake to find internship opportunities. Email to have your internship opportunity approved for CJA 496.


CJA 596 Internship Practicum (3)

Prerequisite: consent of MPA Program Coordinator or Department Chair.

Supervised internship working with a co-operating government or nonprofit agency in a function germane to criminal justice administration.  Sessions are held to discuss and analyze the problems with which inters are concerned.  A written project related to the internship is required.  300 hours are required. CR/NC grading.


Internship Online Documentation

Internship Enrollment Process and Instructions - Guide for students enrolling in CJA 496 or BUS 496 Internship Course online through Handshake.

The Handshake online documentation form is to be completed by all Criminal Justice majors enrolling in CJA 496 internship course and Business Administration majors enrolling in BUS 496 internship course. The application should be filled out completely and approved by your internship supervisor and professor assigned to you, completed application can be sent to