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Online and Face-to-face starting October 20, 2021 • Learn University-Level English Online!

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If you have an intermediate or advanced level of English, the online ALCP program will help you build the specific English skills you need to study at an American university. This program is designed for students unable to obtain language school visa, but who need ESL before applying to a U.S. university.

Each course has specialized activities and builds specific skills designed for students learning English to effectively transition online to university-level coursework. Once you finish the coursework, you have the opportunity to come to Dominguez Hills and take two University courses along with ESL Transition Courses to prepare to become a fulltime University student. Upon successful completion of this pathway program a student will earn a TOEFL waiver towards the University.

This is not for beginning English learners. The program is taught at two levels:

  • In the intermediate-to-high intermediate level, students familiarize themselves with basic college English while exploring different fields for college preparation.
  • At the advanced level, students are introduced to higher education English practices through a variety of fields of knowledge.  

Each level will be offered through a typical semester setting: 16 weeks.

Placement in levels occurs after taking a placement test during the admission process. 

Once the student is finished with the advanced level coursework, a student has the opportunity to attend CSU Dominguez Hills through the pathway program at ALCP.

Upon the completion of this program, successful students are able:

  • To write a research paper at a higher education level.
  • To identify sources and cite them for research projects
  • To apply an MLA or APA format in their writing
  • To apply the research writing process to all forms of writing
  • To recognize and edit for grammatical, structural, and stylistic errors
  • To recognize and understand basic reading skills for a higher education level
  • To read more fluently at a higher education level
  • To research and present on various topics
  • To plan and deliver multiple presentations on various topics
  • To synthesize information from different sources into multimedia presentations

Course Descriptions

Intermediate Writing [NZAL ESL ENG 201-41]

In the Intermediate level the students are asked to successfully: apply the academic writing process, develop ideas, write an introduction and conclusion, use narrative writing, demonstrate the understanding of the visual appearance of writing, state and support an argument, identify keywords and paraphrase, write descriptively using compare-and-contrast organization, and organize a detailed outline.

Advanced Writing [NZAL ESL ENG 301-41]

At the advanced level students are asked to successfully: apply the research writing process, develop and organize ideas, write an introduction and conclusion, understand rhetorical context, edit and proofread texts, use facts and opinions, analyze implication and inference, recognize style and genre, and research various topics for academic papers.

Intermediate Reading [NZAL ESL ENG 200-41]

In the Intermediate level students are asked to successfully: actively read by skimming and scanning, recognize main ideas and details, read fluently, distinguish cohesion, distinguish fact from opinion, understand inferences and predictions, use specialized vocabulary from assigned units, analyze processes, and research and present on various topics.

Advanced Reading [NZAL ESL ENG 300-41]

At the advanced level students are asked to successfully reinforce active reading skills, identify main idea and details, identify organizational structures, strengthen fluency in reading, analyze fact from opinion, understand implication and inference, distinguish among cause/effect/correlation, identify an author's purpose and tone, and research and present on various topics.

Intermediate Oral Communication [NZAL ESL ENG 202-41]

In the Intermediate level students are asked to successfully: demonstrate an understanding of ideas in a discussion, clarify information, formulate probing questions, compare and contrast, plan a presentation, deliver a presentation, identify bias, and experiment with research using multiple sources.

Advanced Oral Communication [NZAL ESL ENG 302-41]

At the advanced level students are asked to successfully distinguish facts from opinions, identify main and supporting ideas, detect implications and inferences, recognize steps of a process, determine style and genre, and synthesize information from multiple sources.

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