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Types of Housing

There are three main types of housing options in the country of your choice. However, not all programs will offer all three housing options. In many cases, you may only be offered one type of housing option. Also, your program may not provide housing at all, or may not be able to guarantee housing for you. Our staff is here to assist you and help you make the best choice for you, regardless of the type of housing you decide to choose.

The Dorm/Residence Hall option usually gives students the option of sharing a room or having a single room at the host universities dorm/hall. This usually means students will have to share a bathroom, common areas such as a living room or dinning space/facilities. This option is great for meeting both local and international students.

The Home-Stay option allows a student to live with a family of their host country. Often times the student will share meals and chores with their host family for the time being. This option is the best way for a student to learn the countries language and adapt to the culture.

The Apartment option can vary by program, sometimes you will be places in an apartment selected by the university/ program, other times the student will have to look for an apartment. This option allows for more independence and flexibility when it comes to rules and responsibilities; such as having overnight guest, and living like a local but also paying rent and bills and less practice in the local language.