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About the Bulgaria Study Abroad Program

June 5—June 17, 2023

May 24—June 30, 2023

Your studies will come to life in Bulgaria...

Make the WORLD your classroom. Class sizes are small!
Apply now — space is limited!

Upcoming Faculty-led Course:

  • GEO 495 | Special Topics: Geodiversity and Sustainability in the Balkans 
    *For more information, contact Racheal Wangui @ 

Recent Courses:

  • ANT 100 | Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • ANT 102 | Ancient Civilizations
  • ANT 341 | Folklore
  • ANT 495 | Special Topics: Anthropology of Performance
  • BUS 495 | Special Topics: Entrepreneurial Finance for Emerging Markets
  • BUS 495 | Special Topics: Understanding Finance Statements and Stakeholders Perspectives
  • PHI 383 | Comparative Religions

ANT 100

ANT 100

Intro to Cultural Anthropology
(Fulfills GE area D1)

ANT 102

Ancient Ruins in Bulgaria

Ancient Civilizations
(Fulfills GE area D2)

ANT 341

ANT 341-Folklore


ANT 495

Bulgarian Folk Dance

Anthropology of Performance

ANT 495

ANT 495

Eastern European Archaeology

BUS 495

Business Finance

Entrepreneurial Finance for Emerging Market

PHI 383


Comparative Religions
(Fulfills GE Area F1)


Some scholarships are available for matriculated CSUDH students.

 Contact Information

For more information, email Racheal Wangui: |

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