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About the Bulgaria Study Abroad ProgramLandscape of Bulgaria

June 4 – June 16, 2021

* Courses will be taught virtually if we cannot travel  

May 28 - June 29, 2021

*Online course component runs one week before and after travel

Your studies will come to life in Bulgaria...

Encounter the past and present in Bulgaria. Walk a Roman road. Enjoy the taste of a culinary crossroads. Experience traditional folklore and culture. Learn about the beautiful Bulgarian landscape. Discover how Bulgaria is linked to the world economy.

Make the WORLD your classroom. Class sizes are small!
Apply now — space is limited!

Tentative courses:

  • ANT 100 | Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • ANT 102 | Ancient Civilizations
  • ANT 341 | Folklore
  • ANT 495 | Special Topics: Anthropology of Performance
  • ANT 495 | Special Topics: Eastern European Archaeology
  • BUS 495 | Special Topics: Entrepreneurial Finance for Emerging Markets
  • PHI 383 | Comparative Religions

ANT 100

ANT 100

Intro to Cultural Anthropology
(Fulfills GE area D1)

ANT 102

Ancient Ruins in Bulgaria

Ancient Civilizations
(Fulfills GE area D2)

ANT 341

ANT 341-Folklore


ANT 495

Bulgarian Folk Dance

Anthropology of Performance

ANT 495

ANT 495

Eastern European Archaeology

BUS 495

Business Finance

Entrepreneurial Finance for Emerging Market

PHI 383


Comparative Religions
(Fulfills GE Area F1)


Spend two weeks in Bulgaria led by senior California State University, Dominguez Hills faculty at the "Stone and Compass" facility, a global education, ecotourism, and cultural retreat center in Stolat, Bulgaria. Students may take 1 to 2 courses for a letter grade or for Credit/No Credit. Students must have a 2.0 GPA or higher.

Stone and Compass

Stone and CompassLaying in the heart of Bulgaria, Stone and Compass is a 2000+ acres retreat founded in 2014 and has housed tourists from around the world. Many tourists come to Stone and Compass to learn about the rich heritage Bulgaria has to offer.

Website: Stone and Compass
Brochure: S&C Traveler's Information Packet
CSUDH Study Abroad Bulgaria Blog 
(Class of 2017)
CSUDH Study Abroad Bulgaria Travelogue 
(Class of 2018)

Cost: $2,064 (1 course) | $3,093 (2 courses)

Estimate includes: fees, food, lodging, ground transportation, insurance.
Does not include airfare.

Some scholarships are available for matriculated CSUDH students.

Contact Information

For more information, email Racheal Wangui: |

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CSUDH Study Abroad Bulgaria